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 Voice of the Martyrs

So I just got finished last night reading Richard Wurmband's book, "Tourtured for Christ," and since Voice of the Martyr's are coming to my church on Wednesday, I would like to sound off on this great ministry.

"Tourtured for Christ" has to be one of the greatest pieces of christian literature I have ever read, it has challenged me, and exposed me for what I am, a carnal christian. I highly recommend everyone pick this book up a read it, if you havent already.

Matt Kroelinger

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 Re: Voice of the Martyrs

amen, read it and weep


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 Re: book: Tortured for Christ

Hi boomatt,

it has challenged me

I hear you! I count it a privilege to have read this book and to get a glimpse as he says, of the beauties of the underground Church. I think one of the strongest questions that came to me in reading the book is, [i]do I have that?[/i], [i]do I have what they had?[/i].

The Lord Jesus asked

[b][size=small][color=660033] For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?[/color][/size][/b]

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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 Re: Voice of the Martyrs

very challenging testimony to see Jesus' cross being carried in such a real way. I am thankful for their testimony, very challenging and eye opening.

"anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple." Luke 14:27 Jesus says.

p.s. just to put it out there, Voice of the Martyrs has a free monthly newsletter at see "VOM'S FREE monthly newsletter" around the sign up area, and occasionally they offer the books Tortured for Christ or Jesus Freaks for free. God is good, Jesus is worthy.


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