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 Esau Repented Too Late

Poor Esau repented too late
After he his birth-right despised;
And sold, for a morsel of meat,
What could not be too highly prized.

How great was his anguish when told,
The blessing he sought to obtain,
Was gone with the birth-right he sold,
And none could recall it again!

He stands as a warning to all,
Wherever the Gospel shall come;
O hasten and yield to the call,
While yet for repentance there’s room!

Your season will quickly be past,
Hear and obey it today;
Lest when you seek mercy at last,
The Savior should frown you away.

What is it the world can propose?
A morsel of meat at the best!
For this are you willing to lose
A share in the joys of the Blest?

The world's pleasures will speedily end,
Its favor and praise are but a breath;
And what can the world's profits befriend
A soul in the moment of death?

If Jesus for these you despise,
And sin to the Savior prefer;
In vain are your entreaties and cries,
When summoned to stand at His bar.

How will you His presence abide?
What anguish will torture your heart?
As saints be enthroned by His side,
Though you be compelled to depart.

Too often, dear Savior, have I
Preferred some poor trifling thing to Thee;
And how is it that Thou dost not deny
The blessing and birth-right to me?

No better than Esau I am,
Though pardon and Heaven be mine;
To me belongs nothing but shame,
All the praise and the glory be Thine!

- John Newton

Paul Frederick West

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