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I need help burning CD's..I have windows media 10 and windows xp home edition. :-(

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 Re: Downloads

This won't be the perfect technical answer, but hoepefully it gets you there.

1) Check that you have a CD burner (or DVD burner) not just a CD reader.
2) Store your downloaded MP3s from SI in an easily locatable folder.
3) Open Windows Media Player (WMP)
4) Go to Library tab and at the bottom add that folder to the libary. Check where your files end up in the library on the left hand side.
5) Click on the Burn tab, and then click on edit play list at the top. Find your files in the library heading shown. Click on them so that they are added to the burn list.
6) Once your list is complete insert a blank writable CD and click burn on the top left corner.
7) Wait patiently for it to finish.
8) Insert in CD player and listen attentively.
9) You will need to be better organised in as you go forward to avoid a confusing set of files in WMP, so read through the help section in WMP and understand how you want to use it yourself when you have time.

This is not the best technical advice you can get, others may be better able to guide you, but I hope it helps.

This assumes you are wanting a standard CD, if you want to copy MP3s to a disk many players will now be able to read and play them directly. You can do this through Windows XP, though commercial solutions are a lot quicker.

Also think about getting an MP3 player, they are getting very cheap and you can store a lot of sermons on a very small device, and listen to them almost anywhere.


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