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 The world and I am well agreed -brooks

[b]The world and I am well agreed[/b]

Assurance will keep the heart from an inordinate
running out after the world, and the glory thereof.
Moses, having an assurance of the recompense of
reward, and of God's love and favor, could not be
drawn by all the honors, pleasures, and treasures
of Egypt. He slights all, and tramples upon all the
glory of the world, as men trample upon things of
no worth, Heb. 11:24-27.

So after Paul had been in the third heaven, and had
assurance that nothing should separate him from the
love of God in Christ, he looks upon the world as a
crucified thing: "The world is crucified to me," says
he, 2 Cor. 12:1-3, and Rom. 8:38; "and I am crucified
unto the world," Gal. 6:14. The world is dead to me,
and I am dead to it: the world and I am well
agreed—the world cares not a pin for me, and I
care not a pin for the world.

I have read of Lazarus, that after he was raised
from the grave, he was never seen to smile. The
assurance that he had of more glorious things,
deadened his heart to the things of this world;
he saw nothing in them worthy of a smile. Ah!
were there more assurance among Christians,
there would not be such tugging for the world,
and such greedy hunting and pursuing after it, as
is in these days, to the dishonor of God, the
reproach of Christ, and the shame of the gospel.

So when God gave Galeacius, that Italian marquis,
an assurance of everlasting happiness, he withstood
many golden temptations, and cried out, 'Cursed be
he who prefers all the glory of the world to one
day's communion with Christ!'

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 Re: The world and I am well agreed -brooks

This is a stunning rebuke to those whose heart is still caught up in this world.

'I care not a pin', what a phrase!

Do we have any cares for this world whatsoever?

We should not have. They diminish God's value to us.

1 John 2v15 'Do no love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world the love of the Father is not in him.'

Who do we love? God or the world?

God bless.

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