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 Re: They were all virgins

I'll give you my take if you give you give me your's on Gal.2.20.

I'm not prepared to play tig.

I asked a genuine question because your post about 'indwelling' on p6 didn't make any sense to me.

This is also why I asked what Jesus meant by 'born again'.

If you don't have answers, that's ok.

Sounds new agee to me. Herein may lie the problem. Change translations.

Sorry again! I'd like you to explain what sounds 'new agee'.

Are you suggesting Young's translation is 'new agee'?

Please clarify which of what you quoted, sounds 'new agee'.

Much appreciated. Thanks.

 2006/10/7 18:01


I'm not prepared to play tig.

Nor do I enjoy chasing rabbits..

 2006/10/7 19:11


Question: Do you believe the foolish virgins were putting the "Bridegroom" first in any of their thinking? Do you believe they were really anxious to see him?


 2006/10/13 15:22

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