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 Pambus wept when he saw a harlot -brooks

[b]Pambus wept when he saw a harlot[/b]

(Thomas Brooks, "Heaven on Earth" 1667)

What labor and pains worldlings take to obtain the vain
things of this life--to obtain the poor things of this world,
which are but shadows and dreams, and mere nothings!

Oh! how should this stir and provoke Christians to be up
and doing, to labor as for life--to make sure of spiritual
and eternal things! Is earth better than heaven? No! Oh
then be ashamed, Christians, that worldlings are more
studious and industrious to obtain pebbles, than you
are to obtain pearls! They labor to obtain those things
which at last will be their burden, their bane, their plague,
their hell. You are to labor to obtain those things which will
be your joy and crown in life, in death, and in the day of

Pambus wept when he saw a harlot dressed with much
care and cost--partly to see one take so much pains to go to
hell; and partly because he had not been so careful to please
God, as she had been to please her sluttish lovers.

Ah, Christians! what great reason have you to sit down and
weep bitterly--that worldlings take so much pains to make
themselves miserable--and that you have taken no more
pains to get more of Christ into your hearts!

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 Re: Pambus wept when he saw a harlot -brooks

I wept when I read this.

Satan has got his people like puppets on strings.
They are dedicated to his cause, wether they like it or not. And they seem to like it. They seem dedicated to do his bidding, whilst running helter skelter to hell.

Don't envy the sinner. Weep for them. Pray for them. Beg God for their souls. For without our doing so, they are lost for all eternity.

God, rid us of selfishness, and for the desires of this world. It is those desires that will be our destruction, as it would be the sinners.

God bless.

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