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 The cockatrice must be crushed -brooks

[b]The cockatrice must be crushed[/b]

(Thomas Brooks, "The Privy Key of Heaven" 1665)

"Lust having conceived, brings forth sin." James 1:15

First, sin has its conception--which is its delight;
and then sin has its birth--which is its action;
and then sin has its growth--which is its custom;
and then sin has its end--which is its damnation!

The very thought of sin, if but meditated on,
will break forth into action; action into custom;
custom into habit; and then both body and soul
are irrecoverably lost to all eternity!

If the subtle Serpent can but wriggle in his tail
by a sinful thought, he will soon get in his head
by a worse action!

The cockatrice must be crushed in the egg,
else it will soon become a serpent!

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 Re: The cockatrice must be crushed -brooks

This is to be meditated upon, because sin is so subtle.

A so called habit, though seemingly harmless, can become a sin.

Let's pick on the bad guy, television!

You can watch a so called 'neutral' programme, get used to watching it, even as it worsens. And become desensitised to watching less 'neutral' programmes etc.

It can be the same for any habit that can become a sin.

Jesus tells us to watch and pray. We also need to pray and watch. Pray that we keep in the way of the Lord, and watch that we do not fall for the enemy's temptations. God bless.

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