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 Corrupt Christian music industry

I am trying to explain to some people that they need to be careful what Christian music that they listen to because not all Christian music brings glory to God. The problem I had in discussing this with them was that this was based on a whole lot of opinion and a slim amount of fact. I am so sure that MOST of the Christian music industry worships money and themselves, thus the problem with my friends listening to it. Recently, I went to a Jars of Clay/ Sarah Groves/ Derrik Webb concert at a gigantic church. We had to pay about 25 dollars to go see them play. I have a problem with the whole paying to listen to "worhippful" music idea. I don't wish to do this to condemn the artists, but I want to dig up the dirt (facts/ sinfulness) on the music industry so that I can help my friends understand the sinfulness within it. Hopefully this would strike a chord of discernment and prayerfulness of the music industry artists. please help me find resources to help in this discussion.

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 Re: Corrupt Christian music industry

Mike, if you go to you will find solid facts on the Christian music industry. Quotes from the artist themselves on key points that should concern us all. There are several articles on "christian music" on this site. The article on P.O.D. is very good as well as so much else. There is also an article of testimony from many young christians who started out listening to "Christian" rock and graduated to secular rock very quickly. There is also an artcile by Steve camp calling for a reformation of the music industry. I hope this helps you. God bless, john

 2006/9/6 3:48

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 Re: Corrupt Christian music industry

Hi mikeness and everyone else. A while back we were blessed at SI to have some godly music added by a fellowship called Christourlife. These brothers put together some beautifull music and made good quality recordings of it available free for all.

I thought it would be edifying to bring it up again here...

[url=]New Worship Album: "Living Sacrifice" added...[/url]

Peace be with you all in Messiah Jesus.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2006/9/6 9:43Profile

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I cannot suggest on this matter.
False reasoning, many things taken out of context and an arrogant style of writing.
I cant see god in it at all..

but just my 2 cents

Daniel Sahm

 2006/9/6 10:29Profile


Well brother Daniel what sites can you recommend to address the problem of Contemporay Christian Music and the corupt christian music industry?
Also When i read your post I thought to myself o.k. maybe there is false reasoning,etc. So I went and took a look at some of the stuff on the site. I didn't readily see these things.
I am not be sarcastic when I ask this; can you point out 1,2,or 3 examples of false reasoning or things taken out of context? The arrogant writing style may or may not be true. But lets go with the facts and context in hopes of nailing down the accuracy of's claims.
God bless , John

 2006/9/6 12:59

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Ann Arbor, MI


I checked out this, and particularly the article that was written about P.O.D. that was recommended here. I was personally shocked to hear some of the things that the band has done and said, and some of the artists/bands and their perversions that POD has collaborated with. It made me sick just thinking about it.

Personally, from what I have read so far, I see no unfair bias or false reasoning and am thankful that there is a group like this that is willing to call out groups like POD and inform parents and youth pastors of the truth.


 2006/9/6 13:11Profile

Joined: 2005/8/25
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Hi, i didnt want to be harsh or so.
Sorry when i sounded.
The whole problem with that thing is that puts their INTERPRETATION of the bible
as truth.

I have no site to suggest, because i don't listen to this music..don't like it, it sounds all the same.

All the interviews and statements on this site with POD, are taken out of context.
You dont know in which context they have been spoken.
I mean, i dont care about that, i dont even like POD.

I mean, i could start a discussion about music in general. Think that is the main problem, that we may have a completeley different view of "music", or "christian music".

this would en up in arguing with each other..
i dont want this.
Please read the "Bible Guidelines for Christian Music"...sorry but i dont know if i should laugh or cry when i read this.

For example the reasoning that "Drums in general are evil"
Its long..i dont want to post all this now.
But to me, its putting something in scripture that is not there.

I've struggled alot with the lord about music...and in the end i have found rest and peace what is appropriate for me.
And im sick of christians fighting at each other because they think some music is evil and the other side fighting back...
Dont we have something better to do?

in love

and its very sad the accuses people of doing exactly what jesus called us to go out in world, in the darkest, dirtiest places.
and thats what many bands like pod did, they went out on the dirtiest concerts and lead people to christ. (this is not about pod, its what many bands do)]

Daniel Sahm

 2006/9/6 14:11Profile


O.K. Daniel, I appreciate your post. You were being honest as "you" see it. You say that you are sick of the fighting. You also say you have found rest in the Lord concerning music,"for you".
Now you have the right and are welcome to post what you want. However concerning this issue maybe you should just enjoy your rest and just let others labor over it.

For what it's worth;
The scriptures declare psalms, hymms and spiritual songs. Making melody in the heart.

From the early christian writings AD90-350 the christians have taken a stand against the pagan music and dancing, saying it is not for christians.

Martin luther and other reformers did not tolerate "wordly" music being mixed with the music of the church.

Most of the revivalist would not tolerate it either.

If you take the time to watch a very excellent documentary "HELLS BELLS 2" produced by the former sound man for ACDC you will be amazed.
What is covered in there concerning rock music and drum effect etc. is staggering. To summarize a quote from George Harrison of the Beatles, " We don't care what the parents teach their kids, our music bypass' that teaching and go's to their subconcious, they will follow us" That is a paraphrased quote but the exact words of the quote are very close to what I just wrote.

All musicians know that rythym and beat appeal to the carnal fleshly nature or animal nature etc. Taking rythym and beat and puting a christian tag and a few words does not take that away. Many christians, sense this and though tehy can't explain it they know something is wrong.

For more rules concerning proper melody rythim,Spel?beat see Frank Garlock and also artcicles on which explain this in better detail than I am able to here.
God bless, John

 2006/9/6 14:50

Joined: 2005/8/25
Posts: 130



ok, thanks for the warm reply.

You are right, i should others let labor over it.
I disagree with the teachings of, thats why i posted.
But i will let this go to the lord.
May he give you guidance.
Its good that you seek the lords will about that.


Daniel Sahm

 2006/9/6 15:02Profile


Thanks Bro, Thanks for showing me mercy. God bless and see you in future posts! John

 2006/9/6 15:12

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