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 Our Great Reward

If I could measure my resistance to a man in Nordtroms shoe department taking of my shoes then I could measure my own pride. The irony is that I wrap this pride up in false humility. I do not really care about this man having to touch my feet, what I do care about is that I may have to swap places with this man. In my mind I put myself in his place and because of pride I say I could never do it.

If I am to create a large, high, strong structure, then I must dig the foundations deeper. The strongest of materials must be used to bear the weight. As it is in the physical, so it is in the spiritual. Deep foundations of humility, meekness, brokeness and forgiveness must be what we use to build our spiritual house. Do we desire to live in a mansion or a tin shack? The false humble man in the flesh may say that he has no desire to live in a mansion and that a shack would suit his needs just fine. The spiritual man will desire to live in a mansion, knowing fine well the cost. Do you live in a spiritual shack and claim to live there because of your modesty, your humility, when in actual fact you want to avoid digging the depths required to construct your mansion? Or are you digging right now?

Remember, the greater the height, the greater the weight, therefore the greater the depth that must be dug. There are many structures in heaven. God will place you in the structure in heaven according to the foundation that you dug here on earth. If you are going through hard times brothers and sisters, be encouraged, your digging is not in vain. Every shovel of trials is creating a greater foundation upon which God will place your heavenly structure. God sees your trials for God "has seen the affliction of His people," and He has sent a laborer to help you dig. If you see a brother or sister struggling with their foundations, jump right in there and help. May the prayers of the saints help each and every one of us who need that prayer.

Romans 8:18 "For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us."

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 Re: Our Great Reward

The Hope of that Glory revealed is Christ in us the Hope of Glory.

In the Glory of Christ in us: Phillip


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