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 Heaven knew Mr. Genor

I thought of this short testimony recently and would like to bring it up again, espcially for those who may have never heard it before.

This is the amazing story of what God can acomplish through small and simple means - even just one person.

Be encouraged as you listen. Just under 9 minutes in length.

Just One Person: George Street

EDIT: 25 March, 2007

***Please Read***

I was just over at the website for Living Waters and they had a notice that they had taken down this message due to being made aware of factual errors it contained. So then [b]I would strongly urge those who may want to listen to it to keep that in mind[/b]. Unfortunately I do not know what the errors may be but I wanted to inform you all of that. As much as I have appreciated the testimony, if I knew it contained errors I would not have recommended it to you. I appologise.

I had first heard this testimony from their website. Since I do not know what the errors may be, I have also removed the url link from this post and have only letf the title to maintain the integrity/history of the thread.


Christopher Joel Dandrow

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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 Re: Heaven knew Mr. Genor

many who is first will be last.. and many who is last will be first....

we have to wait until that great day, then we will know what eachone of us has done....
this testimony is very encuraging



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