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 The constant cry of the rod -brook

[b]The constant cry of the rod[/b]

(Thomas Brooks, "The Privy Key of Heaven" 1665)

One lesson that you are to learn by the rod of affliction,
is to get more weaned and more mortified affections to
all worldly comforts, contentments, and enjoyments.

A man never comes to experience so much of . . .
the emptiness,
the nothingness,
the uselessness,
the vanity,
the mutability,
the impotency,
the insufficiency,
the uncertainty
of all worldly comforts and enjoyments--as when he falls
under the rod of affliction. The constant cry of the rod
is, "Be dead to the profits, pleasures, honors, and applauses
of the world! Be dead to everything below a living Jesus!"

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 Re: The constant cry of the rod -brook

Ps 119v71 says 'It is good for me that I have been afflicted...

Hands up all those who want affliction? No, me neither.

However the same psalm goes on to say 'that I may learn Your statutes.

We need to learn God's statutes one way or another. God will use affliction if He has too.
Look at what happened to Job, and as far as we can see, he did nothing wrong, but recognised the sovereinty of the almighty God. God bless.

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