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 Revival at Work

“If your Gospel isn't touching others, it hasn’t touched you.” Curry R. Blake

“God, I can’t work unless I can see revival!” These were the words that ran through my mind as I filled out job applications. Then it happened, I was hired as a dishwasher in a Mexican Restaurant and so as the late mystic Brother Lawrence did I began to practice the presence of God while cleaning pots.

I was not there for two weeks when one of our waitresses came down with a cold. I asked if I could pray for her and said, “I believe in a God of miracles and if I pray for you, you’ll be healed”. She smiled and said yes and was instantly healed. Glory to God! A door was opening in this small business for King Jesus to come in.

It was 8AM and I was not even half awake when a friend of mine who was bilingual said that one of our Spanish speaking cooks had a headache and wanted to go home. The devil was not going to take out one of these workers on my watch. I spoke to the women through an interpreter and said, “I will pray for you and you’ll be healed”. As I laid hands on her I commanded the pain the go 100% and never return. When I asked how she felt, she replied, “I soon as you laid your had on me fire went through my body and the pain left before you even spoke a word”. Praise God!

But it was not until 3 weeks later that I would understand the fullness of what had happened that morning as the Glory of God was manifested in the kitchen healing a women.

She had come in praising God for not having suffered pain in her head for over 3 weeks. I thought there has to be more to this testimony, so I’ll get my interpreter and interview her. Well come to find out this women has had migraines no less then twice a week sense birth and now she’s completely free by the power of God. And it seemed as if every time she testified the heavens would open wider over that place.

It was just about time for my shift to end and my replacement had come in and greeted me with the words, “I got f%#ed up lasted night”. As this young man began to wash dishes his left eye went into a type of spasm with a twitch that was noticeable from across the room. He was brought to me by a coworker asking me to pray for him. He said my vision is psychedelic, I’m seeing mixed colors, it’s blurry. And with his eye pulsating under my hand I said, “Be healed!” But the twitch was still there so I had him put one hand over the good eye with my hand on the other. I commanded the spirit to gone, then immediately it left and as I lifted my hand the young man began to shout, “Wow, no way, no way, it’s perfect!”.

Then while going back to work he asked, “Are you some type of preacher or something, do you have followers, well if you don’t you got one now”. I said to him maybe you’d like to come to church sometime. His replay was profound, “This is Church!” The revival which was once contained in the four walls of a church was now released into the workplace. Praise God!

Zachary Gudelunas

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