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[i]by Lars Widerberg[/i]

Reading: Isa 62:1, 2 Sam 19:10, Isa 8:14
There is no rest in Heaven.
Nothing is settled and at peace in Heaven.
He who created the universe in all its beauty will neither hold his peace nor keep still.
"Until Zion has become what I want it to become."
"Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness."
"Until her salvation goes forth as a lamp that burneth."

In this picture we find a vital part of the unshakeable ground on which a plain man's hope is founded. Heaven cannot be shaken. Heaven is at peace, disturbances and disruptions do not belong there. But the one allowed in to take a look will be brought to singular astonishment by its business, by its undertakings, by its planning and the bringing of plans to reality. God does not hold his peace. The Father is continually occupied by Zion. The holy hill of Zion is ever in focus. Zion means God at work.

Whatever he does, is done for Zion's sake. Whatever is done in Heaven to be done on Earth is done for Zion's sake. There are no limits regarding efforts and exploits. The Word of God declares totality as to focus. No restrictions as to resources. No rest until Zion is for ever secured.

And you may not allow him to rest 'till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth'. The work, the tireless ongoing work of our Father is the very foundation for our redemption and rest, our shalom. The heavenly operation connected to the concept of Zion guarantees an outcome which is one of a kind. Salvation comes out of Zion. The joy of the whole Earth comes out of Zion. God will shine forth from Zion. He rules from Zion. Law will go forth from Zion. He will not give himself any rest until Zion is established in this very precise and peculiar manner.

For the Church to consider, for the prophets to think about, for the intercessors to work with: "Why is no one talking about bringing back the king?"

This is the burden of Zion. This ought to be the great, the solemn burden of the House of Prayer. This question, this cry is the cry of the prophet in each and every setting. This is the longing of the community of Christ. Our vocation centers with the burden of the Lord - the Son, the beloved Son enthroned in Zion. Prophet and plain man, solemn assembly and single servant in solitude - wherever these might be found, they will be busy as God, busy with God for the sake of Zion.

Interceding for Zion, praying forth the realities of Zion implies a rediscovering of the Church, the community of Christ and a recovering of its vocation. Praying along the line of what Zion represents brings us back to the bringing back of the King. God introduces his King in Zion. God rules from Zion. Why is no one talking about bringing back the king?

Men takes far too great interest in ruling to be able to see and understand true rule. Men are too eager to rule according to manners and whims of their own to be willing to consider true rulership.
Intercessors rejoices in the rulings, in the choice of the Lord: "Your right hand is full of righteousness; let mount Zion rejoice! Let mount Zion be glad, Let the daughters of Judah rejoice, Because of thy judgments." Ps 48:11. "Do good in thy good pleasure unto Zion: Build thou the walls of Jerusalem." Ps 51:18. God's rule is substantiated in Zion. His rule is revealed in the council of the upright.
Zion brings hope regarding rulership, regarding justice, regarding discernment. Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, that seek him with the whole heart. Ps 119:2. The walls of Zion reveal the solidity of Zion. The walls of Zion reveal the steadfastness of the rule in Zion. There are watchmen positioned on its walls, who will never give themselves rest or give him rest until the work is finished.

"Why is no one talking about bringing back the king?" Watchmen on the walls consider the mature questions. What about night, what about morning? What about bringing the king back? What about bringing Zion into focus, as in Heaven so on Earth? What about the vocation of the community of Christ? What about discernment? Are we involved with the affairs of Heaven? Do we aspire to heavenly rule? Are we in fact positioned as a discerning and praying community on the walls if Zion?

There is no rest in Heaven.
"Until Zion has become. . ."
"Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness."

No other aspiration should be given the slightest position among us, as the company of committed, until Zion has become the joy of the whole Earth.

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