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 2006 Virginia, DC and Maryland Campus Tour

A ministry opportunity from Life and Liberty Ministries

This is the schedule for LLM's upcoming annual tour. The Face The Truth Virginia, DC and Maryland Campus Tour will run through the week of October 16 - 20, 2006.

Universities, and other busy areas are our target locations. If you are a born-again Christian with a heart for the murdered preborn and a desire to share God's Word with the lost, consider joining with us on this short-term mission.

The cities and towns that will be visited are listed below but the exact locations can be obtained by contacting LLM at 804-492-9216 or by e-mail at

Monday, Oct. 16
7:00 AM - Richmond

11 AM - Farmville

4:00 PM - Short Pump

Tuesday, Oct. 17
7:00 AM - Henrico

10:30 AM - Richmond

4:00 PM - Chesterfield

Wednesday, Oct. 18
8:15 AM - Richmond

10:30 AM - To be announced

4:00 PM - To be announced

Thursday, Oct. 19
7:00 AM - Garrisonville

11:00 AM - Fairfax

4:00 PM - Fairfax

Friday, Oct. 20
10:00 AM - Washington DC

3:45 PM - Silver Springs, Maryland

Dennis Green

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Joined: 2004/7/7
Posts: 199

 Re: 2006 Virginia, DC and Maryland Campus Tour

Code of Conduct

Face the Truth Virginia, DC and Maryland Campus Tour 2006

Life and Liberty Ministries is a Christian outreach that seeks to spread the Gospel (as clearly revealed in the Scriptures) and the truth regarding various prevalent sins in our land. Living without a proper understanding of Biblical Truth and an understanding that forgiveness only follows repentance, most Americans continue on in their sins and are oblivious to the damnation that they are facing.

Each year LLM travels across the State speaking out on behalf of the murdered preborn and calling the populace to repentance. Each year we are joined by many individuals from many States who dedicate a week to serve in this endeavor. During this week of intense ministry, I have been greatly blessed to stand with believers who are completely committed to Messiah and His service.

This letter is being written to those who have considered joining with us during the tour. For the sake of maintaining unity amongst the team (Eph. 4:3), certain guidelines have been decided upon which must be agreed upon by those who decide to partner with us in this outreach.

LLM will supply all of the literature to be distributed during this tour.

LLM approved and provided signs alone will be used during the tour.

LLM holds to the Biblical truth that salvation is by grace through faith in Messiah alone. There is only one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus (Y'shua). (1 Tim. 2:5) An embracing of this doctrine is essential.

We will strive to be at peace with all men when it is possible. (Rom. 12:18) Those who have been involved in street ministry are well aware that the Biblical message of repentance and salvation often provokes a strong response from the man who is content in his sin. Truth must be proclaimed even when it causes a disturbance but the minister is to use wisdom and seek to be a peacemaker when it is in his power to do so. Bold preaching is encouraged and I have been tremendously encouraged to witness the Gospel being boldly proclaimed during our past tours. (Rom. 1:16)

If you have been "born-again" (John 3:3) and are following hard after our risen Savior and desire to speak out on behalf of the murdered preborn, we look forward to ministering with you.

Dennis Green

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