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 Worship the King.

This is just my PERSONAL OPINION.

If the people that make the music and produce it only want people that buy it to be encouraged with the music, dont they then do it for the money? But if they want everyone to be encouraged from the gift that God has given them they wont care would they?

Correct me if i am wrong please.

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 Re: Worship the King.

Sorry this was a reply to another post.

Oh dear :-(

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 Re: Worship the King.

Keith Green didn't care.


Lahry Sibley

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 Re: Worship the King.

Correct me if i am wrong please.

This is not a correction.... it's just a few more thoughts.

I agree that worship music should not be sold as a commodity, but, it cannot be denied that those who are inspired to write worshipful, praising or spiritually challenging songs, are entitled to a living - if that is what God has called them to do.

We could discuss whether such ministers should be paid by the sale of recordings, or be supported through love gifts by their local assembly, but in the end, like anyone, they need to eat and to be able to provide for their family if they have one.... don't they?

Possibly, there are too many people being given dominance in this realm, such that it encourages some people (probably the vast majority) not to make their own original worship music to the Lord with their own voices. Perhaps if more people were worshipping the Lord in the Spirit everyday anyway, they wouldn't feel the need to buy, play or depend upon, the music produced by others. Nor would they have the excuse of being able to sink back in 'I'm not good enough' mode (mental attitude) to lifting the Lord's Name in worship, or in truly spiritual music from their own soul.

There are other things one might consider, such as whether God wants Christians spending His money on cds and sound systems. Then there is another question about how one might spend one's time if one was not listening (instead of worshipping from one's own spirit) to such music - or practising it for Sunday....

On the other hand, I'm all for participation, and singing, and especially for music which helps us to come into God's presence, or through which He can minister to souls. Always, there is new music coming to saints which can bless others.

I like the idea of spiritual music being 'free', and I also like the idea of individual Christians learning how to glorify God through singing to Him in worship [i]for themselves[/i].

To me, this is a part of one's spiritual life support system.

 2006/8/25 8:05

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