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 The Sign said

Recently reading of Joel osteens bobble on larry king...i came to the conculsion that i would stand by his side and STAND UP FOR JESUS CHRIST not blaspheming THE Gospel or The Name of any one whom Claims to be Christians...we can disagree about matters in the house but when someone picks on one of us in the front yard we should all run out the door and knock nots on the heads of the skeptic,the halfhearted,the unbeliever,the cold professor(frigid that is),thos that think they can live any kind of life and please GOD,and the rest of those whom fall into such a catogory...i would listen to my drill instructor before combat and do all i could to be obeidant to my proper training...i would not listen to any one whom had no battle scars...i would not listen to my buddies i bunked with...i would want a battle scarred veteran as Paul The apostle was...If one said something about Paul i would not believe what that person said unless Mark 16 in all its fullness played into action...On Christ The Solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking Sand Al other Ground is sinking sand...Inspiration!!!
umph i wonder if it ever strikes u !
pitiful thing that it dont

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