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I need some help....I can discipline myself, with the Lords help, but I'm 16, I dropped out of school almost a year ago and I get bored during the day. I don't know what to do to redeem the time and I feel as though "goo" has me stuck and I cannot move. I've listened to Ravenhills sermons, watched his videos, read john wesley, recently listened to Paul Washer and Paul has set my soul on fire, yet when I am in this state, It wont last because boredom takes over and I cannot go about my day doing the Lords work, doing the Lords will, His will because I don't know practically His will.

 2006/8/18 1:09

 Re: help

And, everyday seems wasted because for the last year, I've been in a constant state of waking up, doing just whatever I can do, going to bed....then doing it all over again. I don't know what to do.

 2006/8/18 1:12

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And, everyday seems wasted because for the last year, I've been in a constant state of waking up, doing just whatever I can do, going to bed....then doing it all over again. I don't know what to do.

How much time do you spend in prayer with God? not just 10 minute times but more longer fuller time where you really meet with God?

Slow down during the day with the word of God and meditate on a truth. Share your faith (evangelism). Pray.

Do you have a fellowship of any like-minded youth with you brother? I know how it feels at times to be alone with no other christians sharing the strong convictions that we can have.

Find a older man in God that really KNOWS God and ask him to meet with you a few times a day to disciple you in the faith.

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 2006/8/18 1:40Profile


I can be honest with you, some days I go without "getting into the presence of God". Some days I go without getting into that state of prayer were "you really meet with God" as you say. But when I get into that time, how sweet it is! How sweet it is! I find that when I do, I can only stay in that time for no longer then 2 hours only.

I some days do not pick up my Bible once, it is so dry to me.

Every weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday I pass out gospel tracts from At a local strip mall. I've been doing this for almost 3 months now.

I don't have any fellowship, my hearts desire, which is very strong, is for fellowship with a real Christian, or Christians. I so want to be with real Christians, not with people who are worldly, not with people who don't change the world, but who do set the world on fire, who are on fire and cant burn out because God has set them on fire.

And finding a older man of God, that really KNOWS Him would be the biggest, most greatest, blessing I could ever have. I don't know were to go to find that man, I just don't know what to do.

 2006/8/18 3:16


Welcome to real christianity! Sometimes you will stuggle with "dryness" towards the word and God. Understand that the "greatest" older men in the faith encounter this from time to time. All the great revivalist will testify to this. The antidote is get back up and fight!Press through knowing all along that no one else has the words of life except Jesus. In your mind know that to go back to the world would be insanity for you and worse than anything save hell itself. Also I don't know why you dropped out of school but you need to seriously consider going back to school. I regret not getting as much out of my school years as I could have in regards to the three r's. Hope I haven't added more confusion but rather a solution. God bless, John

 2006/8/18 3:53

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 Re: help

What city do you live in?

 2006/8/18 8:42Profile


coral springs, florida

 2006/8/18 16:23

 Re: help

Paul, I too am 16 years old, and have dropped out of high school as well. We have many things in common it seems. I also find many of my days to be boring, and must struggle to keep myself occupied. Although I am not technically considered a dropout, as my mother filed the correct homeschooling forms. I am just lucky that Texas has some of the least restrictive homeschooling laws in the Country.

Many of the things you said ring true to me as well. There is no easy answer. God loves you, know that, and he wants you to come to Him daily to spend time with Him. He isn't mad at you for your laziness, he has open arms. Come to the throne of Grace with confidence.

I struggle everyday trying to stay focused on God. It is not easy. The things of this world can be very tempting. Please be encouraged that I am exactly where you are and am in the same struggle you are.

I completely can relate to you about your desire for true genuine fellowship. It is something precious indeed that I lack in my city.

I understand as well your issue in the Bible being dry some days and other days just consuming it.

My one recommendation is to stop listening to Ravenhill and other "revival" preachers on here. I know that sounds sorta weird, but that stuff became an idol to me before, and I would caution you as a fellow brother to stay clear of it if you think it may have become one. It can easily entrap you like nothing else and you will barely notice it. I know that many people will disagree with me. I used to listen to a lot of sermons and while I did feel 'enthused' with fire, it would die out the next day/week like nothing else. I advise you to just stay focused on God and His Word only.


 2006/8/18 18:00

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