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 Mt. Zion School of Ministry (David Wilkerson)

Does anyone know much about the Mt. Zion School of Ministry ( in Grantville, PA?

Are there any students or alumni of the school here on SI?

thank you

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 Re: Mt. Zion School of Ministry (David Wilkerson)

Are there any students or alumni of the school here on SI?

Yes there have been a few. From what I have heard it is a pretty solid school with the focus on Christ and the Word. There is alot of looking at old testament imagery and other things. They are tied in strongly with Times Square Church in New York City so many of the graduates and students go and internship there and help out. I would recommend people there, they have a good setup and I believe it is being lead by the Holy Spirit.

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I know many students/alumni from Mt. Zion and they all come back completely transformed. They all come back summarizing it in one word: brokeness. It's a time of pruning, braking, growing, learning, stripping, and crying all for God's glory. Intense courses from what I hear.

2 years of school, 3rd/final year internship somewhere worldwide. David Wilkerson is the founder.

Leonardo Santana

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I attended Sunday service 3 weeks ago. I cried during the sermon. The pastor preached from the Bible and only the Bible. Not once did he tell a joke or a story. He talked about Jesus and Psalm 116, Psalm 18, and Song of Solomon.

The last two weeks have been spent at an another church. The teaching was everything but the Scriptures. The teaching was filled with jokes, stories, and television type illustrations. The law was being taught at this church.

The reason we looked for another church is that the Mount Zion Church of the Holy Spirit is focused on the School of Ministry. I know that those who attend this School of Ministry will know Jesus. All other things are worthless.

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

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They all come back summarizing it in one word: [b]brokeness.[/b]

If this is the result of finishing this school, I would recommend it to everyone!

I heard Ravenhill recently on one of his sermons:
A diploma won't give you unction, a degree won't give you unction, you can't buy it. you buy it with grieve! you buy it with your [b]bankruptcy![/b]

Oh, for a more schools where they will teach the students that we are in bankruptcy without God, that our programs, methods would not help us, we need God. We need to be [b]poor[/b] in spirit!

17 Because thou sayest, [b]I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:[/b]
18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

I have been always blessed reading this story about one biblical class with brother Finney:


My acquaintance with Brother Finney began in June, 1835, about the time of the organization of the first theological class in this place. My impressions of him were derived more especially from his power in prayer. I thought him a great preacher, and as a man of superior logical powers; but I was chiefly impressed by him as a man who had power with God, and who had power with men because he had power with God. At the close of the last term of the year 1836, [b]he came into the class-room, and with his great eyes looked over the class, and before he got around, his eyes were swimming with tears.[/b] After looking at us in this way a few moments, he said, [b]"Brethren, let us pray;"[/b] and he prayed something like this: [b]"O Lord, here is a class of young men who are going forth to preach the everlasting Gospel, and Thou knowest that their words will be like the repetition of parrots, unless Thou shalt fill them with the Holy Ghost." He poured out his soul thus for nearly half an hour, pleading with God that He would not let us go forth in our own strength, until it seemed that the whole place was filled with the presence of God. There was no disposition on the part of any of the class to rise from their knees, and the whole hour was spent in prayer to God.[/b] [u]That, brethren, was the most profitable lesson that I ever learned, and the most profitable hour that I ever spent.[/u] We came nearer to God, we got a more exalted idea of the work of the ministry; and it was from that scene that I obtained my highest idea of President Finney. All through my acquaintance with him, it was a mystery to me where he got his mighty power, It seemed to be always gushing up, always full. That mystery was solved when I read his "Autobiography." When he was converted he was brought into the full liberty of the Gospel. It was God in him that made him so great a blessing to the world.

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... pleading with God that He would not let us go forth in our own strength

Mike Balog

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