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 My THIRD meeting with Mormons

Met once again with the Mormons for the third (and final!) time.

Instead of meeting on my deck, this time my neighbor wanted me to come over to their house and watch a video about Joseph Smith. I agreed so that I could get them to watch the DNA video. (They refused to watch the DNA video anyway... because it's not produced by the LDS... and they call me "closed-minded"?)

Well... the video was sappy. Good production, but it was like a Little House on the Prarie version of Joseph Smith's "vision". There were a lot of things in it that were factually wrong.

So after 20 minutes it FINALLY ended. This time there were FOUR Mormons there. The 2 young missionaries, my neighbor, and someone else from their church. I guess there was no way they were going to let me be alone with those 2 missionaries. What are they scared of? lol

So my neighbor asked me point blank "So are you ready to kneel and accept Joseph Smith as a true prophet??"

I said "Nope, I'm not buying any of this."

I thought the one missionary guy was going to cry. He and I really connected personality-wise, and I genuinely like the guy. It was obvious that he really thought I would be converted.

So the one missionary gave me his testimony, as did my neighbor... again. So I began to share mine... again. And again, my neighbor cut me off in the middle of it. This was the third time he cut me off during our meetings over the past month while I was giving my testimony. So I called him on it.

I said "Look... I've been more than gracious and let all y'all give your testimonies. Yet, everytime I attempt to give mine you cut me off. And then you call me "closed minded"?"

He backed off and apologized.

Right when I had another opportunity to give my testimony the two missionaries had to leave. Apparently they have a curfew while they are missionaries and it was after 9pm at this point.

As they were leaving the one missionary, who I really like, told me he was really going to dig into and investigate the DNA issue... so praise God, hopefully this wasnt a complete waste of time!

After they left the other Mormon left, and then it was my neighbor and I, and we talked for another hour.

Talk about some wacked-out beliefs! He got into being sealed to my family, temple rights, pre-existant beings, Jesus and Lucifer being brothers, levels of heaven, multiple gods, etc etc etc... all the things that they are not supposed to get into with someone like me!

He even told me that Hitler was saved and in heaven, tho he is in the lowest heaven. Sorry... I cant serve a god who isnt a god of justice!

And praise be to God, the Holy Spirit gave me scripture to counter every thing that he brought up. Scriptures I hadnt even thought about in years came to my mind.

My neighbor seemed unmoved... but I'm not discouraged because it's not me who can whoa someone to Christ. It's the Holy Spirit. All I can do is preach the Word in season and out.

So we ended on a decent note. My neighbor said, as I was heading out the door, "My wife and I will be standing beside you in the temple when you are sealed to your wife and your boys!"

I joked and said "The Devil better have a sweater on that day cuz it's gonna be mighty cold in hell!"

My advise to anyone thinking of witnessing to Mormons... KNOW THE BIBLE! And don't expect to see results. At least not right away. They are in so much deception that it is like coming off herion addiction. It simply does not happen overnight. And in most cases it doesn't happen at all. They use the same terms we use, but they mean totally different things... so it's easy to trip up. Just like you need to be trained to handle hazzardous waste, you need to be well trained to handle these folks.


 2006/8/17 8:11

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Jacksonville. Florida

 Re: My THIRD meeting with Mormons

Krispy, you are so my HERO!

I pray that if presented with the opportunity I'll be as able to be as cool as you...I'm still too close to my "Kill'em all and let God sort them out" stage of life when it comes to evangelizing cults. Fools I can suffer-they do not know better...I have little patience with the ignorant who do and refuse to believe the truth.

bill schnippert

 2006/8/17 9:06Profile


Well... I prayed some time ago for God to give me a heart for the lost like He has. It's a process, but He's giving me that, ya know?

People I dont have much patience for are "Christians" who are too lazy to be in the Word, study it and know it, but yet critisize believers who are walking it. Kinda like Monday morning quarterbacks... they never played football, but critize those who have played all their life.

I suppose my heart for my neighbor comes from utter amazement that someone can honestly (and passionately) believe the silly things they believe. I just dont understand that.

But there is nothing special about me. I'm just trying to be obedient. But if I can encourage you and edify you... great!


 2006/8/17 9:31


Ya know... one telling thing my Mormon neighbor said to me last night when we were discussing the Trinity (which they deny completely) was this:

"What you need to do is stop reading the Bible, and trying to proove these things you believe with scripture... and just pray and ask God to reveal the truth of what I am saying to you!"

Stop reading the Bible?? Of course, the Bible isnt the final authority for Mormons. So of course he thinks I shouldnt study it for the answers. But can you see how when you take away scripture, and lean upon supposed revelation from supposed prophets how you can quickly become misguided and deceived?

The Mormons put an incredible amount of emphasis on feelings. What I find interesting is that this is becoming an alarming trend within the Christian church today too. Thats why you have posers like Benny Hinn running around today. What does Hinn prey on? People's emotions. Christians either dont read their Bibles at all, or if they do they filter it through the teachings of men... rather than systematically and expositorally studying the Word for themselves. Couple that with good solid teaching and you have a true believer who is growing. Take away any of those ingrediants and you end up with someone who may still be saved, but is sadly ignorant.

It's frustrating.


 2006/8/17 12:01

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Middlebury, Indiana


It is almost laughable how people elevate man's word (the traditions of man) over the Word of God. All the while perceiving they are following God to the fullest extent.

Krispy, continue to preach the truth! It may feel like your bashing your head on a brick wall, but if God feels souls are worth it, then we should to. Good to hear of your visits with the blind. It's amazing with 4:1 odds and almost total control of meetings, these people are so bent on error and dogmatic they will not even consider the truth.

Another funny thing, you'll get almost the same response from a Mormon, JW and oneness Pentacostal (on the trinity that is).

Had a JW lady I work with, who for reasons unknown to me, was on the outs with the JW. I think she wanted to celebrate birthdays or something like that. Anyway, I was able to show her from her own corrupt bible perversion that Jesus is indeed God. You should have seen the gears start to crank and the light go on. Freedom is beautiful.

Remember one thing, "all we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned everyone to his own way" Isa. 53:6. I remember the years as a gothic punk that just would not hear truth. No way, no how! But God has a really cool way of ratcheting up the heat and putting us in the rock bottomest place he can find for us. He just strips us naked and exposes our darkness and gives us the choice: believe, repent and follow me....or....stay in the sewer you've created for your pathetic self and wait for judgment day.

America is perhpas the greatest place for fake Christians there is. From time to time I go out and preach the gospel on the street. (A wonderful time if you've never tried it). You would think that you'd get the most slack from the lost, but it's professing "Christians" that usually take the cake nearly every time. Funny, people think all kinds of things for sure, but it really doesn't take anything today, but "I'm a Christian" to be a "Christian." You don't have to believe on the Son, repent, or know God's Word. You don't have to strive against sin or anything like that. I mean who wants to be seen as a lunatic, cult member, or someone that takes that God-thing toooo far? Isn't that obedience stuff legalism anyway? And that bible...that was then this is now! I mean we've come a long way in 2000 years for that stuff. AND on AND on AND on it goes!

YEP we've sure come a long way! Lots farther down the broad way!

God bless you for standing for the truth!

Neil Long

 2006/8/17 14:17Profile


It is almost laughable how people elevate man's word

Actually, if you know anything about Mormons then you know they not only elevate man's word, but they exalt man. Their doctrine teaches that God is an exalted man, and that man will be exalted in heaven by the works they do here.

Funny thing is tho... thats the exact opposite of what the Book of Mormon teaches! They dont even believe their own book! You can tear down Mormon doctrine with the Book of Mormon. But it's hard to do because they believe in continuing revelation... so the old geezer that is their "president", Gordon B. Hinkley, trumps all other scripture with his "prophetic revelations".

It's strange business to be sure.

And you can bet that if ol' Gordo told the Mormons to all jump off the Hoover Dam because God revealed to him that they should... they would do it without questioning it.


 2006/8/18 8:19

Joined: 2006/8/17
Posts: 111
Middlebury, Indiana


What a mess! Haven't had a Mormon over yet, bunch of JW's though. Great time! Fun to prove Jesus' deity using NWT :)

Neil Long

 2006/8/18 15:06Profile

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