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 Another Testimony

Here is just one more of many testimonies -

A group of saints along with myself have been doing a homeless outreach in inner city Detroit's infamous Cass Corridor - the heart of this sin-sick city's darkness. We set up our food and grills in a park where the homeless gather, and call them over. Then we hold them in line, preach the Word hot and strong, then feed them. There has been TONS of fruit to the glory of God!

One of our recent converts is a man named Craig. Here's a testimony about him from our current newsletter:

"Earlier that same day, Craig was looking over the edge of Belle Isle Bridge, contemplating suicide. He had no hope. Helplessly addicted to drugs and alcohol, with no income, no home, and no family or friends, death would be a sweet release from the terrible pain of his life. Rather than jumping, he asked the Lord that if there was any hope for him at all, to lead him to the people who could help. Later that same day, Craig stumbled into Cass Park where we were ministering. Needless to say, he heard the Good News of Jesus Christ as a couple brothers ministered to him. After a long period of discussion and ministering, this was the result: (--see pictures below--)

Here's brother Rich witnessing to Craig and leading him into the knowledge of Christ:

Click here to view picture

Here's Craig repenting of his sins and giving his life to Jesus:

Click here to view picture

Here's Craig the next time we saw him (there's a WORLD of difference in his countenance!):

Click here to view picture

Here's Josef discipling Craig as he asked joyfully MANY questions about the faith he just accepted:

Click here to view picture

Here's me and Josef praying over Craig. During this prayer, we prayed for the Holy Ghost to fill him and he started jumping around shouting "hallelujah" in circles and clapping his hands, laughing with joy:

Click here to view picture

Craig gloriously repented of his sins and dedicated his life to the Lord Jesus! He was instantaneously delivered from bondage to alcohol, cigarettes, and heavy drugs. He later testified how the burden of sin lifted off his shoulders miraculously and instantly like the weight of the world dissapearing. We have been discipling Craig and he is still clean over a month later. He has been constantly hungering and thirsting after the Word and eagerly asking many questions and growing in the knowledge of Christ. Recently, he stood up in our Open Air meeting and gave his testimony (even though he was very nervous!!!)!!!! You can see part of it at the very end of this video. (By the way, the lady singing "Amazing Grace" at the beginning of this video was also set free and brought into the life of Christ just about a month before this video was taken!) Praise be to the Lamb of God forever!


This is just one of many testimonies! Glory to God! The poor have the Gospel preached to them in the name of Jesus. Saints, I encourage you ALL to start a ministry to the poor. You'll never be more blessed. They are so much more open to the Gospel than many others. God bless you all.

UPDATE FROM THIS MORNING: We just talked to Craig and he now has a FULL TIME JOB and is still going strong!

Patrick Ersig

 2006/8/14 10:07Profile

 Re: Another Testimony

Praise God for His continual working in the lives of men!
Thank you for sharing this testimony.

 2006/8/21 21:35

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 Re: Another Testimony

Thanks for sharing this, Patrick.
Praise God for every soul.
May He meet your every need.
God Bless

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I found this video very encouraging:

it is great to see the love of Christ being displayed in prayer and reaching out to those that are lost and dirty in the world's eyes, Oh how precious they are in Christ's! Keep serving the living Christ brother.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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