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 Prayer 4 Old Friends

I've been taking a lot of old friends out to lunch which provides the opportunity to witness. I'd like to request prayer for them.

One is named Roman. He's always been a loyal friend to me. He grew up around drugs. His father is an alcoholic and his mother is addicted to drugs. I went with him once to New York to bail his mother out of jail. Roman was homeless for about two years, but now is back with his father. Now he smokes so much dust that he's been in the mental hospital like 5 times in the past two years. I went and visited him once during those times. His mind is slipping. But he is tremendously open and often times serious about wanting to change. Pray for him.

Another is Phil, a russian, who I influenced a great deal before I was saved. Now, though he doesn't do drugs anymore, makes a living by selling coke. His mother prays for him, and I've witnessed to him many times. He seemed to try to object the most out of everyone to what I said while witnessing.

Another is Lou. He's albanian and was a troubled kid growing up. We used to fight but eventually became good friends. He's been crazy when he wants to be and has been a fighter, but now really has a grip on wanting to do something with his life. He doesn't do hard drugs anymore and only drinks on occassion. And actually has studied to be a cop and is now just looking for work!

But Lou is very open to the gospel. Though his family is muslim, and he claims it at times, he's not really. He's very serious when we talk about sin and about hell. And admits that he still sins a great deal by sleeping around and drinking, and says he doesn't want to wait to find out what the truth is when he dies, he says it could be too late then. Though he has expressed concern, he hasn't done anything about it yet.

Then there is Ray. Ray was my best friend for years. We used to rob and fight and do drugs together. The night I had my neck slit in a fight, his neck was slit even worse. He spent some time in jail, but has been out for years and has kept his nose pretty clean. He still hangs out with the old crew, but doesn't do any drugs and barely drinks. He works with his father and still lives with his parents.

When I was in jail, I wrote to Ray, who at the time was also in jail, and told him to read his bible. He, like myself, was a Catholic. He started reading his bible, and last I knew was reading it every night. But he told me, "I am a thorny ground hearer." He too, has expressed concern and has knowledge, but hasn't acted on it.

Many of my other old friends are either gone or just hard to get ahold of. I'm told many of them have kids (though they don't provide for them or even see them). Many are heroin addicts, alcoholics, drug addicts or inmates. A few have studied and have pretty good jobs now, but are still without Jesus.

I hope to visit a few more friends before I leave.

Please pray for my friends. I know that God can save them. I used to be just like them, and was in fact far worse, but the Lord reached down and touched me and completely wrecked my life and I know that because of Him I will never be the same. Pray that the Lord does the same for them before it's too late.

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 Re: Prayer 4 Old Friends

I'll pray for them.

Joe Auvil

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 Re: Prayer 4 Old Friends

Hi Jesse...

I am praying for each of these situations!



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I pray that God will do for your friends, what He did for you.
God Bless you as you witness to them.

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