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 Re:Break It Down

...unplug our idolatrous worship system

Amen Paul. Christian music has become enourmous glittering idol of false gold. In the church today, music is often used as an emotional subsitute for the Holy Spirit. I'm a musician and it even makes me ill. I would like to see churches lay down their technology for about a year just to see if there is any worship in people's hearts, or if it's all in the amplifiers. You know it's an idol, because many western Christians think coming to church to sing and dance is their service to God.

This is another example as to why church has become just a secular marketer of religous products. You can buy inspirational and religous products at Wal-Mart and Target retailers these days...I suppose we ought to start calling them churches as well. (Although don't look for Smitty's rap album there...unlike the church, Wal-Mart does at least have quality control standards.)

Wicked fruit like this video is why I believe revival must be more then a time where Christians get on fire for must be where 'Christianized sinners' actually and truly become born again. (Edit: can you imagine if this unregeneration was ever 'set on fire'...this video shows what happens when a carnal man gets "excited" for God.)

Unless someone wants to tell me that this video could've been produced by real Christians....


Mike Compton

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..unplug our idolatrous worship system

Maybe God will pull the plug.
Then we will be able to enjoy our natural voices again.



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Davao, Philippines


My home church went through a season where they had no musicians so they had to do the worship service with just singers. Some people probably would have just gone to cds, which if you have to do that, no comdemnation from me.

My best worship times are alone in my room with no music playing. Just me singing songs like, I Exalt Thee, You are Beautiful Beyond Description and You Are Awesome in This Place just to name a few. I just be lead by the Spirit and sing whatever is on my heart.

When we really get to intimately know our God we will be able to worhsip him in the midst of entertaining worship services. Even if the music in your church is not played or approached with the right attitude does not give us the excuse not to glorify God and enter into His presence in the midst of it.

Holy Spirit take control.


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This is a joke, right??? It has to be. I think we are being put on. I don't think there is any way this could be a real song.


Murray Beninger

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This is a joke, right??? It has to be. I think we are being put on. I don't think there is any way this could be a real song.

This is exactly what I thought the first time I saw it. I was stunned. But then someone confirmed that it was on the church's website.

I wish I could say it was a joke, but even then they would have gone too far! What you're seeing is pure evil, the hideous spirit of anti-christ thriving in the church. It'll just get worse from here on in, so strap on the armour, and watch and pray that you'll be able to stand on that awful day of judgment.

I am so careful to guard my heart and live holy. May God protect our hearts and minds from heretical molestations. May we forever keep our eyes and minds and hearts on the purity, holiness, and love of Jesus Christ. We must be anchored to the rock, for a terrible storm is here, and it's shaking spiritual foundations. I see people falling out left and right, being diverted and deluded and in willful bondage to mortal vanities and the types of carnal wickedness as seen in this video. Most of them are already beyond correction. If you're not humbly seeking God's holiness and the mortification of all flesh and sin, and taking time to walk in the Spirit, and trusting and obeying the voice of Jesus daily, you're going to be swept away.

Paul Frederick West

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Decatur, Illinois


May we forever keep our eyes and minds and hearts on the purity, holiness, and love of Jesus Christ. We must be anchored to the rock, for a terrible storm is here, and it's shaking spiritual foundations.

Amen Bro. Paul. It's all about Him, and perversions like this rap video have made it all about us. God forgive us and help us to stand.

Joe Auvil

 2006/8/10 1:05Profile

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My question to those of you who have posted here is this: What are we doing about the garbage that passes itself off as worship in our churches?

In other words, What should we be doing about this in our various locations? What is our duty to the Lord we say we love?

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 Re: Brother Paul West

you wrote:

I first heard this rap video back on an old post where bartle was wanting to pray for Rick Warren and the N. Koreans.

Brother, in all due respect, why mention me in connection with this bad filth?

I just saw the video, and just bypassing the flippancy of it for a moment, the video is just plain BAD. It's bad, it's bad art. When a Christian makes art, he should do it to and for the Glory of God, and make it GOOD.

I have no idea what the whole purpose driven thing is, nor do I really care, all I know is that something(Someone) makes me avoid the whole thing, sounds like a gimic, a marketing ploy, and who needs that?

want to hear something good? This is my "rap video" ...not. It's a compilation called "As We Are One", its a compilation the Holy Spirit gave me three years ago. you'll like it, methinks.

[url=]As We Are One[/url]

God bless you is my prayer, bartle

 2006/8/10 1:58

 Brother Paul West

here's another compilation that the Holy Spirit gave me:

[url=]A Kingdom of Priests[/url]

I did it for my saved 10 year old son, to explain to him WHO we are in Christ.

point being, lets focus on the art we make for the Glory of God rather than the trivial scrappings put out there by men who should know better.

much love in Christ, bartle

 2006/8/10 2:49

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 Re: bartle's compilations

I refuse to listen to the Purpose Driven mp3. I saw some recently, and the defiling images lingered in my mind. Only a hardened heart can enjoy it, and those who has no sensitivity for beauty, or for the immense versitilty in musical expresion.

That stuff reminds me of an ingrown toenail, where good tissue turns inward and festers up into an infection with all kinds of harmful microbes. And the whole body limps. Art Katz refers to this syndrome as “groupies” (in bartle’s “We are One”). Yet God’s kingdom grows outward: “… with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.” Rev. 5:9

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Rom 12:21 I think this could mean that when we see something bad, we present something good in it’s place. That’s how I view bartles’s complications. They gave me a sense of peace and rest, and they left me feeling clean. They were Christ-centred, and done tastefully.

What did your son think of it?

..... As I write this, I'm starting to sense a whole different purpose for my musical skills..... just musing....

(PS was that Duncan Campbell’s voice I heard in one spot?)



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