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ConsiderHim wrote:
I agree that those who come to the Word of God without an agenda, and are honest intellectually, will understand God's heart.

I agree with this observation as well...altho, to date, the only persons Ive seen using the terms "intellectually honest" and 'agenda' have been of the anti-remarriage camp...Can I assume that is your view?

additionally, I dont think EITHER side can claim intellectual honesty while denying the same to the other.

BOTH views are very easily proven from scripture, so for one side to play off like the other must be intellectually DIShonest or have an 'agenda' is, in my opinion, being quite dishonest themselves.
*IF* this matter were so easy to resolve then there wouldnt be 2 millenia of bickering over it.

I hardly think its fair to accuse folks today of being intellectually DIShonest who are no better scholars than the actual scholars who have disagreed about his matter since at least the time of Tertullian.

My point is that I think its time for BOTH sides to stop calling each other names, accusing the other of having some imagined agenda and also of being 'intellectually DIShonest' simply because they dont agree.

If youre of the anti-remarriage camp then you and I will disagree until judgment day. That doesnt mean that you are intellectually dishonest, that you have a predetermined agenda or anything else other than the fact that youve looked at the scriptures and believe you have seen some truth that some other brethren disagree with because they havent seen it precisely the way you have.
Theyre no more intellectually honest or dishonest than you or I am :)

 2006/8/22 0:10

 Re: Is Remarriage Adulterous?

who come to the Word of God without an agenda, and are honest intellectually, will understand God's heart.


The point which I took from ConsiderHim's post, is that there is a single truth.

I believe the problem lies entirely at the door of sin, and whether a person has genuinely entered into a relationship with Jesus which pleases Him (The believer intends to please Him.) and in which the believer has embarked upon a journey of overcoming sin in their own experience.

It is useless to any soul, for those who are (even 'real') Christians, to apply 'God's heart' (as you and I understand it - from scripture), to those who are not in a living relationship with the Father, which enables them to experience the transformation of their sinful nature to one of obedience. Without this righteousness which exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees (Matt 5:20), none can claim to be so pure..... That means that all the strictures of a marriage relationship are beyond being honestly kept by the nominal Christian (sometimes even the 'real' Christian) all the way along the continuum to the outright atheist or pagan..... take your pick.

God's heart as it is expressed in scripture is aspirational and can be no more than aspirational, until both the man and the woman involved in a marriage (or a potential marriage) are delivered into full salvation.

So, for all those who were not in a place of real communion with God at the start of their only marriage, the way is paved with repentance unto salvation, before any of the other commands can be experienced as promises by the NOW believer(s).

All the fornication and adultery of the past must be repented of and washed away FIRST. Then, whether a believer is still single, or already married, he or she can begin to lay hold on the outworking of God's heart, as He opens it to their understanding on this particular topic.

In another thread, someone asked me to read this by OC. It is peculiarly relevant here too.

'.. But when I am brought into relationship with God, I am in the condition Isaiah was in. Isaiah's soul was so attuned to God by the tremendous crisis he had gone through that he recorded the call of God to his amazed soul. The majority of us have no ear for anything but ourselves, we cannot hear a thing God says. To be brought into the zone of the call of God is to be profoundly altered. '

This is what I'm talking about. You can't slap God's standards on to an unbelieving heart, and judge the man and woman by the same standard you would judge a Spirit-filled Christian.

I suppose I'm saying, this is where your 'intellectual dishonesty' creeps in. People can understand what [i]should[/i] be happening, but they have no power to perform it without God, and while they are still living according to the lust and conversation of the flesh and natural mind, they are bound to fail (at some level) to be able to match up to God's high standard of love and fidelity.

Does He forgive us?

Only if we accept His conditions for it.

 2006/8/22 10:56



The point which I took from ConsiderHim's post, is that there is a single truth.

Hi :)

based on the comments of both posters, I didnt really feel it was as simple as this.
Typically 'agenda' and 'intellectual honesty' are buzzwords used against those some disagree with.

I believe that ConsiderHim was 'feeling out' the other poster to see what they believe and making sure that it is known that only those who agree with him are those who are 'intellectually honest' and have no 'agenda'.

Possibly the poster can make himself clear on the matter :)

CH could have simply stated that 'yes, its easy to understand' or something similar without the buzzwords....I think that would have been more likely to not be taken as "if you dont agree with me, then you have an intellectually dishonest agenda" which is exactly what I felt the poster was stating.....
But thats just me most likely :)

 2006/8/23 10:42

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