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 Revival Series - Lecture I

It is encouraging to see the "Revival Series - Lecture I" sermon by Leonard Ravenhill being featured on the front page of

Revival Series - Lecture I

Preacher Phillip Alan Lee from Salisbury, Maryland (3/26/2005) writes:
Great Sermon! — Great sermon. Revival based upon the BIBLE is essential. Get rid of Gay Preachers and Women Preachers and back to the Bible is the only way we can have a real revival.

Greg Gordon from Toronto, Canada (9/27/2002) writes:
The Revival We Need — "In revival God is not concerned about filling empty churches, He is concerned about filling empty hearts." Leonard Ravenhill gives in this sermon a very biblical and straight forward approach to revival. "The very word "revive" presupposes life" The Church once had life, let us seek after God to recover and revive us back to that prior state of glory.

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 Re: Having forgotten ...

It is encouraging!

Must admit it is something that is easy to lose focus of, the centering drive of what you have set out to do here. How easy it is to take for granted all the other things made available and yet forget [i]revival[/i] ...

There is still an underlying compulsion that longs for this though. Something so completely not of [i][u]us[/u][/i]. A complete, noticeable, evidential change in the atmosphere...

The sense that it is [i]needed[/i]
With so many of us being diverted, distracted, divisive ... Something completely not on our own terms or ideals... It seems it is to [i]us[/i] first it needs come ... it is [i]His[/i] church and we need to give back the control to Him. We have done a rather lousy job of taking orders it seems.

Have been a bit lazy on this tremendous matter...
There is something very telling inwardly that I just cannot get out into a proper articulation...
It's this little fudge factor that I cannot put my finger on ... It's the little something that hedges at the point of complete honesty in so many matters of discussion .. It's part in the 'balance' of matters... It's part in something just slightly out of reach ... This 'it' seems to be only something that God can rectify and resolve ... restore. Something we can take no credit for nor want any part of thinking it is [i]because of[/i] our prayers, our good deeds, whatever. We are as His church completely out of whack in so many areas and even the best of us need an adjustment. I am still firmly stuck with an acknowledgment of what our brother Josh mentioned awhile back;

"I don't know what God is doing."

That is pure honesty and where I have such a great difficulty with our modern day prophets reading much into everything and seemingly misunderstanding ... I digress, it is not 'slam the prophets'... To me, this is a more prophetic and honest statement than I have heard in a long time.

I doubt this makes any sense. Something is amiss and I don't see any other way than for God Himself to resolve it.

Mike Balog

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