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 Trusting in His great faithfulness!

Dear friends

Trusting in His great faithfulness, the words of Hudson Taylor.
It has been since April that my wife and I have been in full time work with God. And during this time, the Lord has worked in our lives and is still working. The lessons we receive are some hard, but oh how we need Christ to lead us and show us the way. One of the lessons were the following. Where the Lord has given us something, often in answer to prayer, and after a time He would take it away. So often God can do these things, perhaps just to show us what is still in our hearts. To show us our reaction, and I immediatly think of the Israelites in the dessert. How they murmured and criticized, even unto the point where they started accusing God and His servant. May the Lord be merciful!

If He takes something, even if it was received through an answer to prayer, He has got the right to do so, for He is our God and knows best! What are we!

When God takes from His children: BE STILL! Humble yourselves! For He never does anyhting without reason. If He takes, He will either Give back, replace with something else or with Himself.

My prayer is that I will be sensitive to the working of God in my life, Pray for me! Pray for yourself. Christianity is not a game, it is real. It is not a new way of living, it is a new life! May we treasure that life more than any other thing around or in us. No friendship, no love, no hobby, no gift or revelation, nothing we own can ever compare with the Lord Jesus Christ. Through Whom we have our access to the throne of God. What a Gospel, what a message, Praise Him for that.

All Glory to the Lamb that was slain!!!!

In Him,

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