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 Are you dozing off?

[b]Are you dozing off?[/b]

Many ask how, why, where and when
They have no clear direction from the leading of the Holy Spirit anymore
Many feel that God is so far away from them
Many do not feel His presence as easily as they once did
Many ask what is going on in their spiritual lives with the Lord
Things have changed, and now it takes continuous effort
God poured out His spirit upon all flesh
Everyone felt the presence of the Lord
He was more than generous
Now His hand has pulled back from the lukewarm people in this world
For God has vomit them out of His mouth
Sin separates man from God
It is sinful to be anything less than on fire for God at all times
There is a lack of holiness and devotion unto God by His own people
Many are too distracted by the things of this world
Their TV's, computers, ministries and life's worries
Most do not give the Lord their all
They half heartedly serve Him
Most do not seek the face of God first thing in the morning, before their day starts
Nor do they seek His face as their day ends
Most just want the blessings of God poured out from heaven right into their laps daily
That is not going to happen anymore!
To have a close relationship with the Lord
One has to put in a whole heartedly effort from this day forward
God is a jealous God He will not become anyone's second choice
If you want more of Him, you must seek after Him and follow Him
The only option God's people have in these end days,
is to serve the Lord in spirit , truth and obedience
Lip service will no longer cut it with God
You love Him and it shows and His spirit is pouring out on you
or you love self and the world and it shows and you are lacking the presence of His spirit
God's people must read the word and pray continually
All must seek the Lord's face with all their hears, souls and minds
God will not settle for less
Those who are not willing to seek Him 100% or living righteous lives
Will no longer feel His presence
Fasting is not an option it is mandatory
Freely you have received from God
Now freely give back unto the Lord with a generous heart
Sacrifice before the Lord daily
Worship Him and Honor Him by becoming a living testimony
Let others see God in you and shining through your life continuously
Weep for the billions headed to hell
Many being your own family members, friends and neighbors
Evangelize your streets and neighborhoods
Preach the glorious Gospel to try and reach multitudes
This is the only chance for the lost to hear about the salvation of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!
Weep asking God to turn back the calamities headed to your Nations
Weep in repentance for your sins and the sins of others in this wicked generation
Weep for your backslidden states
Weep for your lukewarm states
Weep for the prodigals
Weep and mourn for a world who's light has grown dim
Soon billions will be thrown out where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth
Have you stopped caring?
Don't be caught spiritually dead ie... lukewarm or cold or you will be one of the billions in hell!
Wake up out of your complacency church!
Do it now!
Do it now!
Nap time is now over!

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