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 Iranian presidents comments

Hello is anyone aware of the comments the Iranian President made concering his belief in the coming Messiah? He basicaly stated that the 12 Imam would appear soon and that he would reign for seven years and at the end of the seven years call down the Judgnment of Allah on the earth. He also stated it was his and other (shiite) Muslims responsibility to prepare the earth for his coming. These statement as well as his quest for Nuclear weapons could indicate that a Islamic type leader could very well be the Antichrist. I am not saying the Iranian Pres is him nor am I dogmaticaly saying the Antichrist will be muslim but it is a view that has warrented books and articles to discuss the possibility. God bless, John from Iraq

 2006/7/30 22:57

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 Re: Iranian presidents comments

Considering this, and the fact that the man of sin will be hailed as messiah by the Jews, is it not likely that he will be half Jewish half Arab? That would be perfect, seeing he will usher in a false peace treaty between Israel and the Arab nations.

My pastor is doing a series of sermons on the signs of the times. He said that the Sanhedrin has reconvened with the purpose of rebuilding the temple and reinstituting sacrifice.

Hark! Do i hear a footfall? Is that You Lord Jesus?

Joe Auvil

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 Re: Iranian presidents comments

2 Thess 2v1-4 tells us that day will not come unless the falling away comes first, that's happening now in my opinion, and the man of sin is revealed, that hasn't happened yet. It also says he sits in the temple as God. The temple has not been rebuilt yet.
So while it is ok to talk and speculate, these prophecies have to be fulfilled before Jesus returns. God bless.

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 Re: Iranian presidents comments

John, Could you give us the link regarding the words of the President of Iran? This would help in validating your words. Thanks

 2006/7/31 9:05

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you could look at there are many clips of this man and it has english text to it...


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There is a group called The Temple Mount Faithful that actually had a parade back in May in which they unveiled what they are calling two corner stones for the foundation of the new temple. They are solid marble and weigh 6 tons a piece. In the parade they trucked them from where they are being stored to the temple mount, and then back to storage. These folks claim they have all the preistly robes ready, the plans ready, etc.

This is all a sign. However, the Jews will build the temple but unfortunately will be duped by the anti-Christ for a time.

As for Iran's president, he's a class "A" nut job, however many in Islam are making the same claims about their "messiah".

I saw some christian end times "expert" on Glenn Beck's show on Headline News Channel last week claim he believed the President of Iran could be the anti-Christ. As soon as he said that I labled him a theological quack because the anti-Christ will deceive the entire world, and even a lot of Christians (who dont study their Bibles). The President of Iran belongs in a looney-bin, and everyone except himself knows this. He is not the anti-Christ.

But yea, there is a validity to the "coming Islamic Messiah", and given that Arabs and Jews share a bloodline, it's not far fetched to think the anti-Christ could be the Islamic Messiah, and could be half Arab/half Jew. HE may not claim to be the Islamic Messiah (because if he did the Jews would not accept him), but I believe both Jews and Arabs could claim him as their Messiah... and he may not choose sides in order to get into the position he needs to be in.

I also think he could very well come out of the EU. The EU obviously is going to play a huge role in all of this. They ARE the revived Roman Empire.

And... I believe the Roman Catholic Church is involved as well. Revelation 17, in my opinion, is describing the RCC. Have never heard an argument against my opinion that sounded compelling enough to make me change my mind on that.


 2006/7/31 11:20

 Re: healingwaters request

Yes if you want more info you can type into yahoo or google search the words "iranian leaders messianic beliefs" or type in "shiite messiah" or go to Worldnetdaily and look it up on there sight, they have several articles concerning the president of Iran. Concerning "pin the tail on the antichrist" True Holyghost filled discerning Christian's will know who he is when he pop's on the scene. We will definetly know him when he sit's as god in the temple of god. (small g for emphasis) God bless

 2006/7/31 12:05


We will definetly know him when he sit's as god in the temple of god.

Ha! Y'all can stick around to recognize him when he sits in the temple... as for me and mine, we wont be here!


 2006/7/31 14:02

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