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 188 year old kjv found!

DANVILLE, Va. — Electrician Michael Hoskins is not averse to browsing when he drops off trash at the Route 41 dump bin, and a recent visit rewarded his curiosity. Hoskins said he discovered a 188-year-old King James Bible. Now he's fending off offers approaching $1,000 for the find.

"I go up there all the time to drop off my household trash, and there it was," Hoskins told the Danville Register & Bee. "There were three or four boxes of books leaning up against the concrete wall behind the Dumpsters," Hoskins said. "I found the Bible in four pieces, put them together and took it home."

While otherwise intact, the Bible appeared to have fire damage and had watermarks on some of its inner pages. The sheepskin-covered book was printed in Pittsburgh in 1818 and, according to Hoskins' research, is one of less than half dozen copies in existence.

"You can also see where it survived a fire at one time," he said. "I was always told a Bible wouldn't burn and have seen it before in other church and house fires."

Hoskins also looked into the Bible's history and discovered that it belonged to the Enoch family.

"So, I also did research on the Internet and found a descendant of Isaac Enoch listed in the Bible," Hoskins said.


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 Re: 188 year old kjv found!

1 Peter 1:24 "For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away:

25 "But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you."

Joe Auvil

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 Re: 188 year old kjv found!

I was able to purchase a KJV NT printed in 1824 for $12 off of ebay, the dear saint who owned it wrote her name on the cover and the Book itself is what I use when I want to reference the King James version, meaning its not just some fragile ready to fall apart relic, it's a treasured part of my Bible collection of different versions.

It was truly God in that dealing, because bidding for either antique Bibles or antique books on Christian faith, the bidding on ebay can get quite intense.

The best ebay dealer on antique books on the faith is a store called "dust and ashes publications".....they come across some really rare and precious books written by some giants of the faith. The brother who runs this store, self published the first complete collection of all the writings of Hudson Taylor, I am not a wealthy man, but I ponied up the $85 to reserve a pre publication copy of this work.....can't wait to dig into this.....

God bless the fact that we are a people of the Book.


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Very cool.

The best find I have come across was a 1st Edition copy of William McGavin's 'The Protestant' from 1833 for $100. He was very outspoken against popery and kind of looked at as cooky from what I have dug up on the net. McGavin's statue was made by R Forrest, who also made John Knox's statue.

McGavin portrait:

I had never heard of him when I bought the book, but I knew it was a piece of history when I saw it.

Hal Bachman

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