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 Saved beneath the gallows

Charles Wesley and his friends would accompany criminals condemned to die and sing hymns with them as they went to the gallows. Below is one of the hymns they would sing. This was the last song many men would hear before they swung into eternity.

On one particular day in July of 1738, they sang this hymn under the gallows and Wesley wrote in his diary, "this was the most blessed hour of my life." Below are the words to this hymn; click on the link provided to hear the music. It is a most blessed and sacred work that never fails to impact my soul and bring me to tears. I can always hear the guilty men who were about to die singing this with the preachers, weeping as they discovered the truth of the cross and how they had been deceived by Satan. Please click the link to hear it with the music. May it bless you.

How sad our state by nature is!
Our sin, how deep it stains!
And Satan binds our captive souls
Fast in his slavish chains.

But hark! a voice of sovereign grace
Sounds from the sacred Word;
“Ho, ye despairing sinners, come,
And trust upon the Lord!”

My soul obeys the Almighty’s call,
And runs to this relief;
I would believe Thy promise, Lord;
O help my unbelief!

To the blest fountain of Thy blood,
Incarnate God, I fly;
Here let me wash my spotted soul
From sins of deepest dye.

Stretch out Thine arm, victorious King,
My reigning sins subdue,
Drive the old Dragon from his seat,
With all his hellish crew.

A guilty, weak, and helpless worm,
Into Thy hands I fall;
Be Thou my strength and righteousness,
My Savior, and my all.

- Isaac Watts

Please listen to this precious hymn here:

Paul Frederick West

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 Re: Saved beneath the gallows

Brother Paul,
This is quite a blessing! What a wonderful reminder on the day of death for these people. I wonder if the Glory of God did not fall on those who were truly repentant that they could meet Him with a smile on their face...


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 Re: Saved beneath the gallows


Here is another similar story that I read recently:

Christian missionary Geoffrey Bull was held captive by communists for three years at the time of the Chinese invasion of Tibet. He experienced constant interrogation and threat of execution. Later he wrote: “I pictured in my mind’s eye that last morning as I was led out to die. Should I preach, should I pray or should I sing? I decided I would sing. I went over in my mind some of the songs of Zion and then chose this great chorus, determined that by His grace these would be my last words before I saw Him face to face.

Some golden daybreak Jesus will come;
Some golden daybreak, battles all won,
He’ll shout the victory, break through the blue
Some golden daybreak for me, for you.

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 Re: Saved beneath the gallows

That is truly an awesome story. What a blessing it would be to have more Wesley's alive in this day and age!

Joe Auvil

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