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 How to produce/create gospel tracts?

I have some ideas for tracts I would like produce. I would like to disucss how others have created produced their own tracts, what companies they might have used to print them, etc. Thanks.

Doug Renz

Doug Renz

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 Re: How to produce/create gospel tracts?

This thread from a few months back may help...



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 Re: How to produce/create gospel tracts?

I've always just used Office Depot. The ones I have done use about a half sheet of paper and have printing on both sides (I fold it over so theres three "pages", front and back) they cost about 5 or 6 cents a piece (black and white). revKerrigan suggests this company on his blog. You can have double sided business cards made at 5000 for $90. I'm probably going to get some of these made soon. There other services seem a bit pricey (at least for the purpose of making Gospel tracts)


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 Re: How to produce/create gospel tracts?

Here is what I said on another message board in response to this question:

I have created three [url=]Gospel Tracts[/url] so far. We have many more ideas, but haven't put them into print yet. When I think about creating/printing a Gospel Tract, I think about certain types of tracts that would be widely useful and helpful to Christians, yet there are none like them available (that I know of). That is what I had in mind when I thought of the Gospel Tract for people who say they are Christians but probably aren't. There aren't very many tracts out there that use the Law to bring the knowledge of sin and deal with other religions together either. You have to decide what size you want them to be as well. Do you want them to be postcard size? Or maybe business card size? There are other sizes too, but these are the only two that I have used. Postcard size is more expensive to produce, but you can get much more information on it then on a business card. You need to have a quality picture maker as well. I got help producing the first two we produced. I didn't have the best software and got help from people who did. In my mind, Adobe Photoshop is probably the best software to use when creating tracts. Always remember to save your files at the maximum quality possible. If you don't, they won't turn out as good as you would like them. This hasn't happened to me, but it was some good advice from a printer. As far as the message on the back, make it as clear and concise as possible. Make sure you look at it over and over to make sure you didn't make any spelling/grammatical mistakes. Wouldn't want to print tons of tracts and have an error on them. Try your best to find a quality graphic for the front. This will increase the chances of people taking them from you and others on the streets. I like to try to put certain important words in the message on the back in different colors then the rest of the message. This way they stand out when they read it and they will remember it better. Whatever you put on the front as far as words are concerned, let it be something that peaks their interest so they will want to see what the back of the tract says. I also like to have a unique website domain name that applies to the tract that I am making. In the past, I have just used these domain names as redirects to []Need God[/url]or to [url=]PinPoint Evangelism[/url], but I have recently started making simply little websites that the domain names redirect to. Here are the ones that I have made:
[]My Coscience[/url]
[]Who Was Jesus Christ?[/url]
I have yet to make specific websites for these domains, but they redirect to applicable pages on my website:
[]Brand New Christian[/url]
[]Atheist Test[/url]
I have asked Ray Comfort about tracts many times. One thing that sticks out that he said was this: "Only print the tracts if you will use them yourself. If you won't use them then either will anyone else." I guess that is only if you are planning on allowing people to purchase them. Ray said that he had printed some tracts in the past that he didn't even like using himself. They didn't go over too well from what he said. As far as printing companies is concerned, I have found NO ONE with a better price at an awesome quality for business card size tracts then [url=]Discount Printing and Graphics[/url]. They get them to your door only days after you order them online! You can print 2,500 of them for $65 plus shipping or 5,000 of them for $75 plus shipping (shipping is usually around $15 for 5,000). I use a local guy who is a Christian for the postcard size tracts that we create. They are a little over $200 for 5,000. Shipping would be quite a bit for 5,000 postcard size tracts, but because he is a local guy, I just pick them up from him and don't have to pay shipping. In case you haven't noticed, if you want to print your tracts like this through a printed and get a decent price, you are going to have to print in large quantities. That's all I can think of for now...if I think of more, I will post later. If you have specific questions about anything that I have said, just ask. God Bless..

Kerrigan Skelly

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