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 Breaking Free From Ongoing Sin

How can you break free from a sin that has plagued you for so many years?

 2006/7/25 10:39

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 Re: Breaking Free From Ongoing Sin

we cant really do this on our own, ive will give you my testimony...i for years was addicted do different things, i tryed in my own being, i decided now i have to dident work, i tryed rehabilitation homes it dident work, i tryed programs and ideas i tryed changing my life my, i changed city i changed girlfriends i changed everything but myself...and how can one do that? u cant...but god can, i came to the end of myself... my prayer was something like ...lord either help me...or kill me... i cant do it anymore... and glory to god... since that day i havent been a slave to sin, i have sinned since... but i havent been ruled by it, mastered by sin... and when i fall i get up and confess and repent of my sin... i see many christians...they get forgivness for their sin..but not freedom from it... jesus dident come to forgive them..he came to deliver us from set captives free!!!

pray brother... i will pray for you, belive in him, his word and you shall be free

gods peace to you


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 Re: Breaking Free From Ongoing Sin

How can you break free from a sin that has plagued you for so many years?

Dear brother, I suggest you pick up a copy of John Owen's "The Mortification of Sin." Owens claims that believers cannot hope to succeed in this battle in their own strength. The fight can only be won through faith in Christ and by the power of the Spirit. If you try to break free from a besetting sin any way - like in your own human strength or willpower - other than mortifying it through God's Spirit, you will fail.

I have found that besetting sins always advance from a stronghold in my mind; at times they lie dormant, while other times they launch full-out assaults. An unexpected visual can often trigger one of these attacks. As soon as I discern these impure thoughts marching from the stronghold, I am obliged to mortify them by the Spirit. I aim to bring them under the immediate captivity of the Word of God, whereafter the Holy Spirt can slay them on the consecrated altar of my heart.

Now, to facilitate this, my 'inner man' must be renewed day by day with a fresh infilling of the Spirit of God. I recieve this infilling when my own spirit meets with His in deep prayer and scripture meditation. This is why Christians neglect daily devotion and prayer truly at their own peril. When I stop feeding my 'inner man', I become slothful and weak - and in this handicapped condition it is much more difficult for me to bing these rebellious thoughts under captivity (see II Corinthians 4:16, 10:4-5).

Brother, the temptation to give into sin is a bloody battleground that we all must fight until God takes us home with incorruptible bodies in glorification. But, if by the power of the Spirit we constantly mortify the lustful desires in our hearts, we can have victory while here on earth. Just remember - you'll never be free from temptation, and you'll never reach a point this side of eternity where the possibility to sin will vanish. Even the great apostle Paul admitted he hadn't attained this state of sinless perfection (Philippians 3:12).

Again, I highly recommend John Owen's "The Mortification of Sin" which is a very practical exposition on Romans 8:13. It's quite an easy read too!

Hope you can glean from something I wrote here. Get the book!

Blessings to you, Richard!

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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Watchman Nee, in his book the Normal Christian Life said that when we realize that when Christ was crucified, we were crucified in Him, we can be made free from sin.

It is knowing that our old man was crucified with Christ, and then reckoning ourselves to be freed from sin. If we are in Christ, then we most assuredly died with Him on the Cross. So therefore, we can no longer be dominated by sin. Once we grasp hold of this Bible truth, we can be set free.

John 8:36 "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."

Joe Auvil

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The cross, the cross, the cross. Again I say, only the cross!!!!

Joshua W

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 Re: Breaking Free From Ongoing Sin

I too was stuck in recurring sin, I tried to give up and I hated myself for failing God. Eventually when I had 'crossed the line' God told me I had to go to the person I had sinned against and tell them what I had done. It took me two years to obey and I only did when God brought the person to my house, literally giving me no excuise for leaving it any longer. I explained that I had to tell them what I had done, so that I wouldn't do it again, and appologise.
Unfortunately for me, they took it badly and have not spoken to me since (2 years later). I realise that this method is not for everyone, but I will tell you I have had MANY opportunities to do similar things in recent times and I have run from the thought and the situation. It is the fear of God that keeps me from this sin. I still have thoughts and temptations which I sometimes dwell on, but like Paul, above, we must mortify the flesh, keep our strength by reading His Word and Praying. If my mind tends towards a thought that is not of God, I start to quote scripture, and the devil flee's.

Please understand, I am not cured, God has showed me that my heart is still corrupt and I don't hate that sin yet, but I keep away from it and I build up strength from being in obedience to Him.

Carter Conlon speaks of this in a sermon, I thinl it's 'a cry from the belly of Hell' where he tells the story of a time he stole a picnic table from somwewhere and God tole him to take it back and confess.

People will say we should only confess to God, but if we sin against others we should confess to them. That is very difficult, some people will dislike you for it, one lady I appologised to, thanked me for my honesty and forgave me (not by her words but by the way she acted soon after) and she's not a Christian!

Being in the place where you know you have a clear conscience with God is very comforting, this message from Zac Poonam is excelant:

But let me warn you, if you go along this track, Satan will drag up everything in your past and have you go and say sorry for the most trivial things, you must learn to discern God's will in this. He will lead you, you must trust Him, even if it may mean some friends or family members are offended, or in some cases you could lose your job.



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