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 World Outgames

I just read on the internet that this week the World Outgames has begun. This event is taking place in Canada and it is basically an athletics event bringing together gay and lesbian athletes.

Friends, sadly this is what our world is coming to. Homosexuality has been advertised by the world as OK, that it is now acceptable. However, the Bible clearly states that this is wrong. We need to pray for our world, because it is in such a spiritual decline.

Of course, God loves His creation, He loves homosexuals, but they are sinning by the way they are living. We should not hate these people, but realise that this event is unacceptable by Biblical standards.

We must pray for our world! I think, and I speak to myself first of all, that because of the media and the news and just the general worldy view, we as Christians have fallen into the trap that homosexuality is acceptable. It isn't. We need to pray that when things like this happen, we will see things as He sees them. We need to pray that we will feel things how He feels them.

God have mercy on us and the world that you have created. We have all fallen so short of Your standards, but oh Lord please show the same grace and mercy which You showed to us the hour we first believed. Please be patient with Your creation, and help us to make a difference in this world, to point people to the cross, to show people the error in their ways and then lead them to Your eternal forgiveness. Amen.

 2006/7/24 7:46

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 Re: World Outgames

Homosexuality is a sin. No doubt there. I also believe that the troubles in Israel and Lebanon right now are linked to this. How? There is a homosexual parade planned for August in Israel. I personally think this war is due to the fact that God refuses to let Jerusalem, His holy city, to be taken over by sexually perverted people. As I said, this is my personal opinion.
The USA, England, Sweden and other Western nations have bowed the knee to this sin. Now the enemy is looking to invade Jerusalem. God is not going to let that happen. If He does, we are in serious trouble. God bless.

 2006/7/24 11:00Profile

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