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 Are We Ready For Real Modern Day Circuit Riders?

[b]Are We Ready For Real Modern Day Circuit Riders?[/b]

We may pray that God would raise up a new generation of church planting movements. But would we be comfortable if he answered our request?

Would you have signed up to join the Methodist circuit riders (church planters) who conquered the US frontier over two centuries ago?

* The early circuits were more about church planting, not about trying to breathe life into aging congregations.
* Eight or ten miles was a much bigger distance then than now. People are willing to travel farther to go to church in the 21st century. How many congregations could be efficiently combined today if parishioners would only allow it?
* Hardly any of the first or second generation circuit riders had anything more than a grade school education.
* In the 18th century, the standard circuit took about four weeks to complete, and was between 200 and 500 miles in length. It definitely wasn’t standard to race between churches on Sundays to preach two services back to back.
* The original circuit riders preached almost every day of the week, often more than once a day.
* Circuit riders used standard scripture texts, but generally preached extemporaneously (without notes)
* Most of the early circuit riders preached in homes, barns, schools, taverns, or outside- not in church buildings.

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 Re: Are We Ready For Real Modern Day Circuit Riders?

Amen. I think our country could use a whole slew of circuit riders ala Wesley. Incidentally, most of these guys who rode back in Wesley's day died young, burning out for God by their mid-thirties. When I think of John Wesley and Francis Asbury (the John Wesley of America) and their circuit preachers, I think of a garrison of bloodwashed pilgrims galloping down the King's Highway.

Paul Frederick West

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Ah! I finally got around to adding to this thread. Back in 97-98 I first caught the idea of sending forth evangalist across america. Ones who cared nothing except the Glory of God on earth. "One eye on heaven the other eye on hell!" Willing to sleep in the ditches of america if need be, Ready to preach open air daily. I also had thought that accounts could be set up for them using atm cards they could access the support cash they need from day to day. It would be easy to deposit the "offerings" into the central fund then distibute them to the riders individual accounts. They would be licensed under this evangelistic organization. For accountability and if they got into any legal trouble the organization would be there with the volunteer lawyers to assist. I could go on and on. these were just idea;s I had.

Will it happen? There are alot of current street preachers that if they could exercise more of the unity that finney talekd about in a chapter from revival lectures on unity and how much can be accomplished in it. I think this may be a possibilty someday,....hopefully. God bless ,John

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