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Mar 9:49 For every one shall be salted with fire, and every sacrifice shall be salted with salt.

Mar 9:50 Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his saltness, wherewith will ye season it? Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another.

These two verses interest me very much. The context seems to start at Mark 9:33. The disciples had disputed who should be first. Jesus then went into receiving a little child into a discourse of offending a child who believes. He then talks of cutting of the hand, foot, or eye that offends. It’s better to do this than to have both hands, both feet, or both eyes and be cast into a fire that shall never be quenched. Then you read the verses that are above.

The four commentaries that I looked at all mentioned eternal hell with the verses, however, three of the commentaries also mentioned the offering of being a living sacrifice ourselves as being eternal also. John Wesley’s notes were more concise than the other two who mentioned this. Here is what John wrote:

Mar 9:49 - Every one - Who does not cut off the offending member, and consequently is cast into hell, shall be, as it were, salted with fire, preserved, not consumed thereby whereas every acceptable sacrifice shall be salted with another kind of salt, even that of Divine grace, which purifies the soul, (though frequently with pain) and preserves it from corruption.

Mar 9:50 - Such salt is good indeed; highly beneficial to the world, in respect of which I have termed you the salt of the earth. But if the salt which should season others, have lost its own saltness, wherewith will ye season it? - Beware of this; see that ye retain your savour; and as a proof of it, have peace one with another. More largely this obscure text might be paraphrased thus: - As every burnt offering was salted with salt, in order to its being cast into the fire of the altar, so every one who will not part with his hand or eye, shall fall a sacrifice to Divine justice, and be cast into hell fire, which will not consume, but preserve him from a cessation of being. And on the other hand, every one, who, denying himself and taking up his cross, offers up himself as a living sacrifice to God, shall be seasoned with grace, which like salt will make him savoury, and preserve him from destruction for ever. As salt is good for preserving meats, and making them savoury, so it is good that ye be seasoned with grace, for the purifying your hearts and lives, and for spreading the savour of my knowledge, both in your own souls, and wherever ye go. But as salt if it loses its saltness is fit for nothing, so ye, if ye lose your faith and love, are fit for nothing but to be utterly destroyed. See therefore that grace abide in you, and that ye no more contend, Who shall be greatest. Mat_5:13; Luk_14:34.

Gary Eckenroth

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 Re: Salt

I read those verses about a year ago and have never been able to stop thinking about them. I think that God is going to open something of these words up in due time.

Very gripping words.

Hal Bachman

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 Re: Salt

Oddly enough, I have been thinking of them for the past few weeks, if not months, as well.


Blake Kidney

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