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 memorising scripture

im just wondering if you have some "model" you follow? how do you memorise verses? i try to do this, but my way of doing it have very little effect since i can not remember them when i need to, so if you have some method that works and that really makes you memorise them then please share whit me, becuse when i pull out my pocket sice new testament people tend to back away a little and look suspicius. So i can see the need for memorising verses... im amazed at some people that are walking bibles....


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 Re: memorising scripture

Are you trying to remember the chapter and verse number as well or just the scripture? I have a hard time remembering the chapter and verse numbers but I have no problem quoting scipture off the top of my head. The trick to doing that is simple. Spend hours and hours and hours reading the Word of God and it will just come to you. Also reading in context also helps for memorizing because the verse has more meaning that way and is more likely to make its way into your long term memory. I also like to remember Christ's promise that the Holy Spirit would bring all things the He said to our remembrence(John 14:26) And when all else fails pray.....(My smiley faces aren't working that's in a joking manner, pray first of course.)


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Write down the first letter of each word, one after the other, and keep looking at that instead of the actual scripture.

 2006/7/21 18:08

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Once I get words I can say, like the first line of the verse, which is usually the first third, or so, I say it 10 times out loud. Once it starts to feel boring, I realize I have memorized the first line, then I add the second third. I continue this process with the second third, 10 times with these words. Then all words, 10 times in a row, looking back at the words if I must, but ten times without looking.

I have also used this to memorize a couple Psalms. It works this way also. Saying the first verse over and over and over until I hit ten times, then adding the second. Ten times with the first and second, and so on.

The words take on a new meaning in your mind when you can recite them, and they flow like water. Then you can go back after a month or so and see if any of the words you memorized were wrong, then the doctrine seems to come through stronger when you correct yourself.

'When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion we were like them that dream. Then was our mouth filled with laughter and our tongue with singing. Then said they among the heathen, the Lord hath done great things for them. The Lord has done great things for us whereof we are glad. Turn again our captivity, O Lord as the streams of the south. He that soweth in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth bearing precious seed shall doubtless come again, bringing his sheaves with him.'

It is actually, 'they that sow in tears shall reap in joy,' and 'shall doubtless come again with rejoicing.'

God will bless you as you memorize His Word.

Hal Bachman

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 Re: Scripture Memory

I highly recommend reading Jack Van Impe's methods on scripture memorization.
Dr. Van Impe can quote 14,000 Bible verses, including virtually the entire New Testament. -Abe

 2006/7/22 0:40

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I'd suggest carefully writing out Scripture over and over again.

Combat Chuck

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 Re: memorising scripture

Re: Memorizing Scripture,

I once heard that Watchman Nee used a dozen or so methods to memorize Scripture.
Flashcards work...I for one like to group various verses under a topical heading.
I suggest finding out the various methods to use, asking God to grant you more wisdom into this. Then, choosing a method or methods that seem to bless you in this endeavour.
The Lord loves to give good gifts to His children.
Thank God for 3x5 can use them anywhere, anytime! Praise God - whata blessing...
There seem to be various memory aides that we are taught even in a secular institution such as the use of rhymes, chunking, patterns, acronyms, acrostics, grouping.
I would just start look into the strategies that Watchman Nee used as well as other saints. What did AW Tozer use? Maybe there's someone else who has heard this as well? I look forward to hearing more about this.
But this I know for sure: There is no better Teacher than the Holy Spirit because those that are led by the Spirit of God(not the flesh) are the sons of God.
Thankyou for your honest thread,
God bless you all,


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 I use FAST

It is an organization that has Bible studies and little verse packs. They are very inexpensive. I don't do the Bible studies as I don't agree with all of their theology, but I like their resources.


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 Re: memorising scripture

1) I carry a small bible with me wherever I go and read it every chance I get

2) I try to recall and look up every verse I hear in a sermon or shared with me as soon as I hear it.

3) I color code verses in my bible that I want to have on the tip of my tongue: (I use prisma color perncils because they are soft and do not tear the thin Bible paper and they have so many nice bright colors.
I use yellow for gospel; green for growth; light blue for comfort/promises; dark blue for prayer/praises; red for agape verses; purple for prophecies...

4)I use my concordance to list most often used verses together.

5)I try to find a song using the scripture or I make up a song. God can help you do this. This way you can be singing scripture in the grocery store and wherever you go.

6) I pray constanly for God to write His Holy Word on the tablet of my mind.

7) I get blank busines cards and write out verses ans put them in a business card holder notebook. They come in all sizes.

8) When in doubt, I look it up.

Elaine Kotter

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 Re: memorising scripture

Jerry Lucas is one of many memory experts. It is said thet at one time he had the whole new testament memorised. If you do a search on the net with his name you can find his website. He has some excellent material on how to memeorise scripture very quickly without all the boring repetition. Go for it! God bless, John

 2006/7/31 2:09

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