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Brothers and Sisters,

Have you gotten to the point when you realized how little you actually knew about God?

I think I have been so concerned with having all the right doctrine and the right answers, that I have missed Jesus.

I feel like a Pharisee. Clean on the outside and vile on the inside.

It disturbs me that I am not burdened for the lost. I am afraid to leave my comfort zone. My witnessing seems hollow because it is missing the love of Christ. I truly have not fulfilled the great commandment or the great commission.

I need time alone seeking His face.


Murray Beninger

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 Re: Rambling


Seek HIS loving face and do not worry of doctrine. HIS love is first. HE will teach you HIS doctrine, not other men.


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 Re: Rambling

Brother, may I suggest the only way to escape the spiritual lethargy is to resolve in your heart you are going to get close to God and do it! You will need to study the WORD, asking God for enlightenment, the discernment to recognize His voice and be obedient to whatever He asks/tells you what to do. Ask Him also to help you recognize sin when it rears its head and teach you how to respond to it.

Brother, you are first going to have to let the LORD clean you up good before you are able to be used by Him to assist others. Like patience, it takes time. You want more of it, don't you! :-?


Sandra Miller

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Have you gotten to the point when you realized how little you actually knew about God?

A better question maybe is: "How thirsty are we for God?" I was reading a book by smith wigglesworth and in a sermon he stated: "I am the thirsteth man in the world!" What a statement and surely you cannot say that frivilously, how many of us can even say I am desperate for God! are we? great thread and thanks for sharing your heart brother. I really am getting to a point of desperation for Christ Himself.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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