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I started this thread just to have fun, to share some outrageously fearless Wigglesworth testimonies. I never intended for it to get really serious.

Hi dear brother, I just want to say that I did not receive this thread as a fun nor any other thread on this site (there were some threads called [url=]On the lighter side 2[/url] :-) ) And I believe your purpose was to encourage the body here with these testemonies from one man with a faith like a child and with no obstacles of pride in his heart to raise up and tell as the Spirit leads what he believes in public place. Not to imitate him or putting him on pedestal but be encouraged of his example. And please [u]do[/u] continue to share more!


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I appreciate Brother Bills post, I do understand what he means. Nothing was taken harsh here, no worries :) Like its already been said, I think some of the old stories are pretty cool to hear about, not that Wigglesworth is "the greatest" or that we should aspire to be like him, but to be like Christ.

I had a small book and I found this quite funny (not exact text): Wigglesworth was sleeping one night and woke up and saw the devil standing by his bed, he looked at him and say, "oh its only you", then rolled back over and went to sleep.


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I just want to say that I did not receive this thread as a fun nor any other thread on this site

Well, "fun" in the sense of just kicking back and enjoying some fantastic testimonies from a unique and inspiring brother. My prayer for posting these is that our faith in stepping out for God may be boosted.

Here's another story. (This one might upset someone):

Wigglesworth was invited to a huge banquet in Bradford, England (his hometown). Lester Sumrall was with him. Wigglesworth was asked to pray over the meal. This is Sumrall's account:

"They had long, long tables loaded with good food. In the center was roasted pig, which had been basted with oil and other good things as it was roasting. However, they made a big mistake - they asked Smith Wigglesworth to say grace. He walked over to that table, a big, healthy man, raised one hand to heaven, and said, 'Almighty God, if you can now bless that which you have cursed, bless this foul pig to their bodies.'

"I looked around and thought, 'Dear Lord, and we have visitors here!'

The Welshmen who had brought the pig tried to hide from him. Sumrall went over to Wigglesworth and said, "Are you having a piece of pork today?"

Wigglesworth said, "I never touch the stinking stuff."

He said anything he thought ought to be said, anywhere and at anytime. He had no fear of man whatsoever."

- From "Pioneers of the Faith" by Lester Sumrall.

Paul Frederick West

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