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 The Ori-Jean of the Species

50 million years ago there was a cotton field growing beside an ocean. One day a strong wind blew all the cotton balls off the stems and into the water. After some thousands of years the cotton ball being pounded by many waves was unraveled and spun into a long thread. As the eons passed the thread was woven into a piece of cloth and eventually washed up on the beach. Another couple thousand years passed as the cloth managed to form itself into a faint resemblance of a pair of pants. As time passed the pants formed themselves into perfection and sewed themselves into a pair of BLUE JEANS…………. This however is not the most incredible thing about this story. Somewhere, many thousands of miles away yet another cotton ball was going thru this same amazing process. Only one difference, this time it was a girl jean. Some how the two pairs of blue jeans managed to meet, fell in love, and started a family. And that my friend is where all the other jeans came from. …..Now I ask you…..Do you believe that? Silly huh? Some people think that the most complex thing in the universe just made itself. Let’s take a close look at a few of the wonders of the human body. Ten fingers, two hands. Ten toes, two feet. Two eyes. Here we have a total of twenty-six body parts, all of which have a unique signature and are unique to the individual owner. Fingerprints, palm prints, footprints, toe prints, and the eye prints. And let’s not forget DNA. So now we are up to twenty-seven. Now comes the clincher. Lets multiply our twenty-seven, times six billion, which is the population of the world. That, my friend is one hundred sixty-two BILLION individual marks of identification.That does not take into account the average head of hair which has 125,000 hairs. Each of which can be traced to it owner thru DNA. DNA, at the present time is the cutting edge of forensic science but I do believe in the years to come, if our LORD JESUS has not returned, scientist will discover things about the human body which will make DNA look as simple as a fingerprint....Although there are some who believe all of this just happened, NOTHING JUST HAPPENS.. Look around you now as you sit and read. Do you see anything that has made itself? Absolutely not. Every thing, and every person, has a maker. Do we understand these things? No we do not. We do believe a very complex God created a very complex human race. Genesis 1:26 “ Then God said, Let us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness” This we believe and this we hold fast. Countless millions have died rather than deny the living and true God. How many do you suppose have died for their belief in evolution? I doubt any of us have even heard of such a thing. I certainly have not.. A dear brother in the Lord once told me it took more faith to believe in evolution than to believe in God. No, I replied, it requires zero faith to believe in evolution. People believe such things because its easy.It has no requirements. Morality, conscience, compassion, humility. All these things are requirements of God. So, if I don’t believe in God, I have no responsibility to do the things of God. Satan, the evil one will place this thought in your mind” There is no God” Well if there were no God, there would be no Satan, and therefore NO reason for Satan to whisper in your ear,” There is no God”. Indeed there would be no thoughts of God at all. No reason to believe, or not believe, no good, no bad, no nothing. You and I have never met but I have prayed to the God of Heaven that you the reader would take this matter to heart and spend some time to ponder these things. On the one hand it is not an easy thing to believe in God, on the other hand, how can we not? This simple prayer will help you far more than anyone could ever imagine. Lord, help me believe. Show me something of yourself. May God Almighty who is also Jesus the Christ, who also died for us, bless you and keep you. I remain, your simple servant. Alan Waters

alan waters

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