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I am talking about 'Revival. The Lord Jesus laid it on my heart after a trip to Benny Hinn Crusade and reading the truth of Acts 2:4 Baptism of Holy Spirit 'Speaking in tongues' as evidence. I always disbelieved in this as the Devil had within me an intellectual stronghold. I thought God could not use me because of my sin, but the Devil had me through Disbelief of Gods Word. I thought tongues was for other people not me. When I read in a book 'Gods Generals, some that succeeded some failed, that Seymour had sparked off the Apostolic Revival in Los Angeles through adherence to Acts 2:4 even though he himself did not at that time speak in tongues, it blew me away. Imagine he was teaching baptism of Holy Spirit with evidence of tongues but he did not experience it himself. THAT is faith.
Write all the pretty little emotive articles you want about the Lord, but the fact remains that God wants to revive his church. What happened in 1905 can happen now. All we need (and sadly dont have) is faith. I read about the 'Revival in Wales (Try Google search engine).My grandmother was Welsh! It blew me away again reading about a simple man who sparked off revival, Evan Roberts. His only desire was to preach the Gospel. The roads were black with people going to church.
What is revival? It is the move of God within the Community. What is the foundation of revival? 2 Chronicles 7:14 I think 'If my people call upon MY name and repent and turn from their wicked ways and humble themselves and pray I will answer them I will heal their land.Who is willing to do this? Who is willing to cry out to God O Lord help us and heal us! Are you?
And also: Who can stand on His Holy Hill? Who can stand in His Holy Presence? Only He that is without spot or blemish. O Lord are my hands clean (The Revival Hymn)
I always thought 'God can forgive my sin its' ok. Big mistake. Now I know I have to get rid of that pornography, throw out those offending videotapes, clean up my household of unGodly things. They are unnaceptable and every good reason why the Lord cannot use me. Problem is, He's picked me up and using me. I cant stop it. Lord is there anyone else you could use. Why me. But I cant stop it. We're not looking for a touch from God. I'm talking about being consumed by His Holy Spirit Fire. I took it to the local church (Apostolic) they wanted nothing to do with it. Now I know they have a problem with the Word of God not me. They have a problem with the Word of God. The only reason I took it to them is a desire to be accountable. And also 'Call upon me in the Day of Your Trouble and I will answer you'. He said I WILL so I took it to God He said 'Let me deal with it, Stand aside.'
If you want God to work you had better stand aside. If you promote yourself nothing will happen. Jesus said 'no scrip no shoes just go out. Thats what I try to do every day. I go to the mall, have a coffee and wait for someone to come along. Thats my church. Revival is the move of God in the community. Its not the move of God within the church. A lot of them are dead already or caught up with their religious life. God wants to work amongst the people but in churches today all you get is 'join a home group. Serve in the church' etc etc as if going there 2x a Sunday is not enough for them. Read speeches by Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield and you will see. I was in such a mess. I was reading sermons and downloading pornography at the same time. Even this, while God was using me with the Revival message. I got caught by my wife. Stay away from dirty things. You think (as I did) God will understand. God does understand, He understands how wicked we are! This is my story. Ministers today are like the Pharisees that Jonathan Edwards talked about and George Whitefield who sparked off the 'Great Awakening in England and America. Should we be any less? God wants to use you. Thats why there's terrible disasters because Christians are sleeping and don't want to wake up. How can you hear the 'Revival Hymn' (Wales) and not be moved to tears. Is your heart stony? Pray God can give you a heart of flesh. God gave me this burden (Revival) and I cant stop it. Dont write 'O Carl what a wonderful inspirational piece! Dont you realise its for you. God wants to use you but we are sleeping comfortably, immersed in our own sins. There's a part of Gods Word you dont accept. The Devil knows it and controls you with it. Find out what it is. At your local church someone may preach in such a way as to show you. God is a loving God who cares deeply about you and wants to speak into your life. O yes? I thought. I didnt believe her. I went home and prayed 'O Lord help me to know such a God. I thought I knew him but I knew nothing. Jesus controlled the devil through His Word. The Devil hates the Word thats why He will create a smokescreen and make you think your problem is your sin instead of disbelieving Gods Word. He will have you work overtime getting immersed in your sins when the truth of the matter is God wants to use you. Cry out to God. Do ministers cry out to God in front of the altar? Most of them dont cry at all. Church has become cool, a mere art form. Sexy songs, good band, people saved, give God a clap, have a great week everybody. Is that church? The Holy spirit is grieving. If youre not baptised in the Holy Spirit Acts 2:4 and speaking in tongues, wait on Him (as I do). But the Holy spirit can still be with you and work with you even if you dont as yet (like me) speak in tongues. But I'm not talking about tongues! I'm talking about REVIVAL. See that verse again 2 Chronicles 7:14. O help. I'm just a poor man. The Lord wants to use me but my local church is too busy playing church. Dont give me words of advice. I dont want advice I want people willing to listen and believe Gods Word that if we truly call upon His Name He will Answer and heal our land 2 Chronicles 7:14

 2006/7/14 10:14

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