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Hi all,

I read a book from Jeanne Guyon, on the subject of prayer. It's called "experiencing the inner dephts of Jesus Christ". It's really an excellent book on prayer. I think most of us struggle to pray at stages of our Christian walk. Sometimes it is because we feel condemed and sometimes it is because we just cannot focus and break through in prayer. Maybe because we are carnal or for whatever reason.

In any ways Jeanne Guyon focusses in her book on being still before the Lord and turing to Christ as our center and allowing Him to do the work and speak to us. We just have to be honest. If you are sad and depressed and feel condemed, be honest about it and tell God. He is the One that can change it!.

One last thought. We have to realize that prayer is so important! because God originally made man to have a relationship with him. Genesis says that God came down in the cool of the evening to have fellowship with Adam and Eve. Our evengelism and Christian efforts is not so much important as is prayer! The efforts and works should flow from the prayer.


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Yes, that is an awesome prayer instruction also available for free from CCEL [url=]HERE[/url].

I try to re-read it annually to keep the lines of communication clear.

bill schnippert

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