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Joined: 2006/5/23
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Just an idea...
Have you been praying for the Lord to give you a hunger for the Word, for Him, ect, lately? Because He might be answering your prayer. It's not always bad when your mind wanders, just let the Lord come with you, maybe He's trying to show you something. I am also blessed? with the ablility to fall asleep at all times so reading my Bible at night is a lost cause most of the time. I like to sometimes stand, and read aloud-decare the Word. His Word is so good and so filling. I'll be praying for you, God has some amazing things for you. My pastor says, "When you feel the furthest away from God, He's always closest."

Micah Lansing

 2006/7/13 11:55Profile

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I can in a small measure identify with your 'problem'.

May I suggest that you have been over-stimulated! You hear so many bad things and you feel so helpless so now begins a downward spiral and you end questioning God and getting very weary.

Mind if I suggest something? Take a fast from reading, listening to any news be it radio, tv or internet. Block it out. Do not think about it. Know that the devil is behind you roaring and that you are paralyzed with fear. In the meantime, resolve that you will NOT cave in to this fear but will continue to look upward to God and listen to him. In the meantime get pleaty of sleep and perhaps you need to take some vitamins, like your B - complex. You will need to build yourself up physically as well. Then wait. It will not go on forever. You must presevere - longer then the devil. :-o God is watching and waiting to see how you will pass this test! He is in control! :-)

Hope this helps,

Sandra Miller

 2006/7/13 15:10Profile

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well i now actually feel better... i think its has been a mix of different things... i belive now one part was becuse i have been praying many things and maybe god is fullfuling those prayers in ways i dident expect, but another part probably is over stimulated, i have some problems and so on but i have this desire to really live the christian life as much as it is possible for me, and i think this desire have made me set the bar a little to high, dont get me wrong i dont belive there is a limit here on this side of eternity how much you can know god and be used of him, but somehow i belive i want so bad to be "a giant" of god... be so christlike, maybe i want it to fast... i hurry to much i belive... i want a short cut to holyness, a shortcut to be like christ... but there is non, so i have to use that word that can be so wrongly used but i do need some "balance" in my life... i dont meen balance as compromise way... i think you understand my point.

but anyhow i today feel so much physickly tiered but as´i was riding my bike home from my work 0500 in the morning i almost cried when i saw the sun rising behind some trees and the sky was brightblue, it was so bright that the sun burned my eyes and i just stopped and prayed to god...and said to myself my lords face shines brighter than that!! and he created that...and he awnsers my prayers...and today...(next day) im feeling much better.
thank you all for praying for me... this reminds me of a swedich saying...some gets lost in translation but it goes like this

its always as darkest just before the sun comes up.

and how true isent that in life...when it seems like its over...when it looks like there is no hope..when all seems dark and no light... then jesus can shine the brightest, his light , ohh how i love my master ... thank you jesus

gods peace to you


 2006/7/14 15:45Profile

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