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 What If......

This is purely hypothetical, but what if Eve resisted the serpant in the garden and did not bite into the apple? Would we be without sin? Would GOD still communicate with us as he did with moses?
I pose this question simply to get input as to how our lives would be different. I do not mean to cause conflict or arguments. If this topic has already been brought up ,Please ignore this post.
GOD Bless


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 Re: What If......

jamccor wrote:

This is purely hypothetical, but what if Eve resisted the serpant in the garden and did not bite into the apple?

The LORD God commanded the man, not the woman.

Yes, Eve was the first one to eat of it, but Adam was the one accountable to God. Eve was accountable to her husband, Adam. Eve was deceived but Adam must have wanted to eat of it in the first place, otherwise he would have stopped his wife from sinning.

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The LORD God commanded the man, not the woman.

The issue is not sinlessness but the eating of the Tree of Life. That was God's intent for man. That man would not just live on in an inocent and sinless state, but rather that man would eat of the Tree of Life and recieve God in Christ by the Spirit as his Life.

What would have been different is that Adam would have been regenerated with the Life of God and would fulfill his destiny as a man created in God's image and likenss as a vessel to contain and express God.

But Adam or Eve never ate of the Tree of Life but rather having sinned and eaten of the tree of the knowlege of good and evil, became an independant, fallen, self sufficient sinner separated from the life of God and enslaved to sin in his flesh.

But in Christ, sin has been delt with and in resurrection Christ as the True Vine Tree is the Tree of Life to those who believe and who recieve Him and are regenerated with His life.

Redemption was necessary because of sin, but even if man had never sinned, he would still need regeneration to be "born of God" by eating of the Tree of Life.

Adam had only the human created life but did not have the Divine Life of God. But if he had eaten of the Tree of Life he would have recieved the Life of God and become a child of God to be His expression on the earth to exercise God's dominion and to express God's glory.

After the fall God barred Adam and Eve from the Tree of Life saying, "They have become as one of Us, knowing good and evil, now, lest they put forth their hand and eat of the Tree of Life and live for ever..."

By redemption, Christ dealt with sin and has opened the way again to the Tree of Life and in ressurection is the Tree of Life of which we partake when we believe into Christ.

"As many as recieved Him, to them He gave power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His Name who were... born of God".


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 Re: What If......

Hypothetically speaking...

1. English Word -- Repent (noun-Repentance)

2. English Definition - "To feel such remorse or regret for past conduct as to change one's mind regarding it"

3. Comparision Of Translations Luke 13:3
"Repent: - NIV, NASB, KJV,Amplified, ect.
"Turn from your sins" - Good News Bible
"Leave your evil ways and turn to God" - Living Bible

4. Original Word and Short Definition

"metanoeo" (Greek) "to change one's mind"
"metamelomai" (Greek)"to regret or show remores"

5. Interesting Insights

. The word is never used in the gospel ofJohn;
but it is used in Revelation 12 times.
. The author Luke used it the most (Luke and Acts).
. Repentance is not emphasized much in the Epistles because they were written to believers.

6. Root Meaning and Origin

Metanoeo -- literally means "to perceive afterwards." It is made up of two Greek words: Meta, which means "after" (implying change), and noeo, which means "to perceive" (nouns is Greek for "the mind").

From this we get the meaning of "to change one's mind or purpose." In the New Testament this change is always for the BETTER, and it denotes a genuine, complete change of heart and life.

Not only does it imply a turning away (negative) from sin, but a turning to (positive) that which is right and godly. It means more than just feeling sorry for wrong you've done. It also means to completely change your mind about the sin and go a different way.

Metamelomai comes from meta ("after") and melo ("to care for").(Luty)It means to regret or express remorse for something you wish you hadn't done. It means to have painful anxiety (sorrow) over a past deed. This is not genuine repentance. It means to regret something you did without ever really changing your mind about it. ("I'm sorry i got caught, but I'm not sorry I did it." Or, "I'm not sure I wouldn't do it again.") The best illustration of this is Judas. He was regretful for betraying Jesus (metamelomai - Matthew 27:3), but he never genuinely repented of it (metanoeo).

7. How the Word ws Used

A. In other words: Metanoeo was not used much in classical Greek literature. When the word was used, it did not mean the radical change of a man's life as a whole as it does in the New Testament.

B. Throughout the Bible:

. Repentance (naham) in the Old Testament is seen most clearly in Ezekiel 18 and 33:10-20

. "REPENT" was the basic message of John the Baptist (Matt.3:2), Jesus (Matt. 4:17), the 12 disciiples (Mark 6:12), Peter at Pentecost (Acts 2:38).

. It is commanded by God for everyone (Acts 17:30, 2 Peter 3:9).

. It is part of saving faith (Luke 13:5, Acts 3:19).

. It produces joy in heaven (Luke 15:7, 10).

. It is proven by our actions (Acts 26:20).

. Jesus used the word 17 times in the Gospels and 8 times in Revelation.

. What causes us to repent?

-God's goodness to us (Rom. 2:4)
-Godly sorrow for our sin (2 Cor. 7:9 - 10)
-God's grace (2 Tim. 2:25)

. It is a foundational truth of the Christian Life (Heb. 6:1).

9. In the Context of the Passage: 2 Corinthians 7:9-10

This verse shows the difference between genuine repentance (metanoeo) and mere regret (metamelomal). Real godly sorrow brings about genuine repentance. This brings about a change of life, not just regret.

"Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, tolerance, and patience, not realizing that God's kindness leads you toward repentance?" (Romans 2:4)

Sin to Confess / Attitude to Change

I have held a personal grudge in my heart against John ever since the incident in the mountains last fall. It has put a strain on our relationship. The Lord has convicted me about this in the past, but I have put off making restitution. I know I have sinned. I want to repent of this sin now,(Hug). Tomorrow afternnon I will go to John and ask his forgivness(Hug).
I want to straighten this matter out.

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 Re: What If......

It is hard to imagine what this world would be like now if Adam and Eve had never eaten from the tree. I can't imagine a sin free world, can you? We see and hear nothing but evil every day in one form or another. For that matter, who can imagine the glories of heaven? Even with the description in Revelation I can't imagine it. By the way, Moses was born after sin entered the world, so he was born with a sin nature, as such. So if God communicated with Moses in such a way, and he was born with a sin nature, the same as us, that means we have the same ability to communicate with God as Moses did. So let's all do that. God bless.

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Youre right about Moses! I dont know what I was thinking! Thanks for youre correction.



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