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 Could we add an "Amen" after every word of ours?

I'm reading right now Where Christ Still Suffers by Richard Wurmbrand. I would like to share an example that is given in the book about prayer and good example how to react in the relationship with the others, especially with your wife.

The most touching Chinese letter is one from a young man in Canton: "As I listen to the program broadcast by your radio I begin to know Jesus Christ. I am a believer. But what does it mean to be a believer when are entirely separated from God, having no church in between? [All the churches in Red China were closed then.] Indeed, I don't know what is to pray. Perhaps it is that after all things we said, we should be able to add the words 'Amen.'" (Could we add an "Amen" after every word of ours?)

This is the best definition of prayer I have ever heard. Let me exemplify this yound man's teaching:

You come home from work, tired and irritated. Your wife brings you supper, but it does not taste good. No salt in it. In exchange, one of her hairs floats on the surface of the soup. You can bully your wife, "What kind of soup is this? Why are you not more careful. Look here, it is dirty. A hair is floating in it. Did you comb yourself while cooking? I hope you will never do this again." Try to say an "Amen" after this. It does not fit. But, you can proceed otherwise. You can tell her, "I really appreciate that you are still in love as in the first days we knew each other. Thinking about me you forgot to put salt in the soup. But you atoned for this with a nice surprise. You know how I love your beautiful hair. What a good idea to put a hair in the soup. Tommotow I will buy a medallion and put the hair in it. Then I will keep it forever around my neck. No need to put hair in the soup in the future. And now, give me a really big hug." If you speak like this to your wife, you can add "Amen."

This manner of prayer is the fulfillment of the commandment, "Pray unceasingly." I learned it from a Chinese teenager whom we wished to teach the Gospel to over radio.

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