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 Re: I Wanna be a Jesus Person

I agree with you about the atmosphere of the Jesus Freaks. I lived in Laguna Beach 72-74. I was strongly influenced by the movement although I refused to give up my un-godly lifestyle. The term Jesus Freak is the true sense of the word. By today's definition, a "FREAK" is someone who is consumed and/or possessed by an activity or passion,however, the world usually applies this term to one in relation to their sexual appetittes and cravings.

The flip side is that to the world, we, who love the Lord Jesus with all our mind, soul and strength, are freaks of this world. PRAISE GOD!!!

Oh..if we could be so in love with Jesus that we would rather be identified with Him, instead of a denomination, title or position. After all, isn't the Sovereign God Himself, the one who gives preachers, teachers, apostles, and all those who are truly born again and workers in the harvest. Is God impressed with who we are, how much we know, or the extent and number of works we have done? Can we impress Him with anything except for our whole-hearted love for HIM?


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