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I'd say preach whatever the Spirit of the Lord tells you to preach. We ought to be so in tune with the Spirit of God, and have His Holy Spirit all over us, that He can directly tell us exactly what words to speak and what words not to speak.

And of coarse, the filter that we are to put everything through is the Word of God.

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I agree with Jesse that we must be so in tune with God and so led by the Spirit, that we will know what to preach. When we preach to crowds, we must preach the WHOLE COUNSEL of God. Law, sin, Hell, righteousness, judgment to come, grace, love, CROSS, becoming Born Again. When we preach to crowds, there are all sorts of people out there that need to hear it all. There may be some humble people and some proud people. There may be some broken people and there may be some sin-loving people. One thing we must beware of is over-generalizing when Open Air Preaching. Maybe one heckler is drunk and shouts that he loves sex. We can't assume that the whole crowd is that way. I have seen preachers on campuses who over-generalize big time and people get offended. They get offended not because they are sinning in the way he is speaking of, but because he is assuming they are by stereotyping. Not all homosexuals are proud homosexuals...even if they are at the Pride Fest Marches. They may be convicted and feel trapped. They may want a way out and just not know it. This is why we must ALWAYS be led by the Spirit of God who knows ALL things about ALL people...

Kerrigan Skelly

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 Re: Lerning to discern between biblcal and unbiblical preaching


Unbiblical preaching partners with Satan who aims to kill and destroy.
Biblical preaching partners with God who gives life.

Unbiblical preaching condemns.
Biblical preaching convicts.

Unbiblical preaching brings despair and confusion.
Biblical preaching brings hope.

Unbiblical preaching leaves its “victim” feeling degraded and despised.
Biblical preaching leaves its listener feeling valuable to God.

Unbiblical preaching flows form a self-righteous and haughty heart.
Biblical preaching flows from “level ground”.

Unbiblical preachers are far from the cross. They know little of God's mercy.
Biblical preachers stay close to the cross. They have experienced God's mercy, and know their need for God's mercy at all times.

Unbiblical preachers think they are obeying God.
Biblical preachers are obeying God.

Unbiblical preachers do not wait on the Lord.
Biblical preachers wait on the Lord.

Unbiblical preachers rely on their natural senses.
Biblical preachers rely on Sprit revelation (regarding sins, disclosure, etc)

Unbiblical preaching is controlling.
Biblical preaching respects the freedom of the sinner to choose and think.

Unbiblical preaching flows from hidden roots of bitterness.
Biblical preaching flows from a heart that has forgiven all their past offenders.

Unbiblical preaching has an abrasive tone.
Biblical preaching has a tender tone.

Unbiblical preachers seem against you. It feels like they are picking a fight.
Biblical preachers are for you – like they want to walk with you.

Unbiblical preaching flows from a calloused heart.
Biblical preaching flows from love at all times.

Love covers over a multitude of sins. It preserves dignity. It restores. It gently leads the sheep to the shepherd.

Unbiblical preaching is the method of Shem and Japeth: It mocks and ridicules sin and leaves it exposed.
Biblical preaching is like Ham who covered his father’s nakedness. (symbolic of Christ’s covering)

Those who treat the sins of others like Shem and Japeth will be cursed - those who ridicule sinners, put up degrading billboards about them, snicker among themselves about "those sinnners" (disgusting homos or whatever).

Unbiblical preachers cannot empathize with their ‘victim”. They preach AT sinners.
Biblical preaching flows from empathetic identification.

Unbiblical preachers do not weep.
Biblical preachers weep.

Unbiblical preachers “see” no wounds. Instead they shoot the wounded.
Biblical preachers sense the wounds hidden under the tough overlay. They promote healing.

Unbiblical preachers produce no fruit or bad fruit.
Biblical preachers cooperate with God in producing an eternal harvest.

Really, one’s message has far more to do with his/her heart condition than merely his words.

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. May God raise more preachers who are like Ham.



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Amen, Diane.

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