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Healing Waters, I remember this song, It's my favorite.

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Hemel Hempstead


what is worship material?

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: Questionable Song - Be Magnified

This is one of these songs that I had to let go in defence of what the word says.

I am finding more and more songs where I either stop singing or switch into singing in tongues! I will not sing lies or untruths, not even to keep the saints happy.

Ron Bailey

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deltadom wrote:
what is worship material?

That which exalts God for who He is, exclusive of any personal problems -- or testimony.
In His sight my worship is my testimony and He is no respecter of persons -- meaning I can't hide behind a mask. For one to worship God is for him to be a worshipper. For one to be a worshipper one must be in love with Him who is worthy of and deserves worship. Corporate worship should require no "specials" from singers nor a choir or "worship team" [whatever that is] to pump up that which should be a worshipping choir unto Him, i.e., the congregation of believers. If they need help there is a leadership problem that "specials" and a louder rock guitar, won't fix.


 2006/6/15 14:25



philologos wrote:
This is one of these songs that I had to let go in defence of what the word says.

I am finding more and more songs where I either stop singing or switch into singing in tongues! I will not sing lies or untruths, not even to keep the saints happy.

I leave those churches --- well, actuality I'm invited to leave.


 2006/6/15 14:30

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I am increasingly concerned that songs tell the people what they are doing, feeling, etc., than it being a legitimate expression of what the hearers feel. Like 'repeating prayers' they are ineffective often because the truths are not those who are reciting them. They do not originate in their hearts. If it is not my experience, I cannot in good conscience sing it [i]as if it were[/i]. This does not mean I am attacking this song, it means it may not be my experience, so it has no real relavance to me in terms of worship.

Robert Wurtz II

 2006/6/15 15:02Profile


Hi Karl,

Without having heard the music - which may be quite spiritual - the words certainly don't sound like 'worship' to me, even if they carry a legitimate bit of testimony from the writer.

If the words had said 'had' instead of 'have', (in bold) would you have been clearer about what the writer was trying to say?

"I [b]had[/b] made you too small, in my eyes
O Lord, forgive me
And I [b]had[/b] believed in [b]the[/b] lie
That you were unable to help me.
But now O Lord, I see my wrong.
Heal my heart and show yourself strong
And in my eyes, and with my song
O Lord, be magnified
O Lord, be magnified"

What do you think?

 2006/6/15 15:14

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Hey Ormly,

I see what you mean, a few days ago when I was going through my 'opwekking' (which means revival I think) songbook I noticed some songs I could not simply sing. I had to pray first before I could sing it. Then I simply used elements in the song for a prayer.

Some of the song contained the words: "I love to spend all my time with you" Something like that.

Anyhow, I've noticed that songs are often sang to easily. In a concert it might be that people sing this because its a great song, not because thats true in their lives.
Does the world need more testimonies? We have alot and we should have enough. Still I didn't know from what heart the song was composed or sang by the singer. (which is posted later) :-)

Jonathan Veldhuis

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 Re: Questionable Song - Be Magnified

now i dont watch tv often... but one time something got my attention, i saw one of the big praise singers who sing songs like these... and he was being interviewed by another famous person... he was talking about that he was living a lie that he had sined for so long and so on but when they asked him what the major issue was...he awnsered - the problem wasent really the sin itself it was that he was in the "category" of singing.... if he had been a wordly singer this wouldent be a i was amazed. this singer i know for a fact sells millions of records and people love him...and his lyrics and music may be loved by many. But he dont know god. The problem should have been his sin against god...not what his "fans" would think of him.

and sadly i se many people trying to mix some "whats hot in the world" in to the godly music... we must be careful what we listen to...becuse it effects us... I did this i compromised...i listen to something that was "wordly" the name the name jesus but its not of god. And when i comprimise whit a little.... then the next thing you know you do it again and again... this is very dangerus.

So dont compromise even a litle... now i love music, thats why i need to be careful. If the music is about god and for god uplifting god thats good. But if the music takes you closer to the music and makes your love bigger for music instead of god, thats what happend to me i started to love that feeling a good song can give you... i knew in my heart what they were singing and the music wasent godly but it got into my heart becuse i thought "its only music"

now the holy spirit showed me to the truth... im careful what i listen to now
but so many other people i belive need to think about what sort of music they let into their heart

gods peace to all of you


 2006/6/15 17:25Profile


Diane said:

Probably the song really is an admission of past unbelief. Maybe should be worded: "I never trusted you, Lord, I never believed that you could help me."

If the lyrics were changed to this Diane, it would be a perfect song. I agree with your rendition, it sang volumes.

I love it!!


 2006/6/15 20:29

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