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Hemel Hempstead

 How many people here suffer from depression

I am wondering how many people suffer from depression

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: How many people here suffer from depression

I personally dont by the grace of God... but I know Spurgeon did.
CH Spurgeon would be so depressed they said he couldnt or wouldnt preach at times.


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 Re: How many people here suffer from depression

i dont have that heavy depression , when there is no hope in life it self. I used to feel like that often, that life dident have anything for me and the best thing to do was to take as much drugs possible so that i just would pass out... and often i feelt like total darkness.

but in my deepest darkest hour... he saved me .. he gave me the will to live back.. he gave me a new life. Born of GOD. Everything made new.

But sure there are hard in some hardship right now, i feel depressed, but i know i already won, no matter how i feel. My lord provided the victory 2000 years ago.
no matter how i feel or what is going on in my life . what the devil says..

im saved by the grace of god...
now may my life or death bring glory to his wonderful name...

now i belive becuse our generation has so much comfort and everything is instant... we have bad patience...and we are so used to good standard.(in my country) so when hardship comes and bad feelings we want to take them away..there are pills and medicine and we think its wrong to suffer... i belive if you dont suffer you wont grow in christ. we want so often the eazy way..the shortcut.... the microway.
one minute salvation then we are done... one man said there are no shortcuts to heaven... the only way is by the cross.... and that hurts....

gods peace to you


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Depression is a self centered oppression of life.

If you were to turn the depression toward someone or something and away from yourself, it would be call compassion.

If you are bound by depression, pray God if he would redirect it toward His haerts' burden.

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Just wanted to add my two cents. There are certain types of depression that need to be treated by either therapy or medication.

Bipolar manic depression is a serious mental illness that if left untreated will result in the patient becoming out of control and placing himself/herself and others in danger.

As for depression itself, it effects everyone at one point or another in their life. Our minds and bodies are constantly going through changes. Hormones and sugar levels being out of wack could cause us to feel depressed or down and out. Too much time to sit and think will cause us to become depressed. Keeping yourself busy is the best remedy for a down and out mentality. Go to the ant. I could easily alow myself to slip into depression if I did'nt keep myself busy. An idle mind is the devils workshop.

 2006/6/13 17:40

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I spent close to 20 years on some type of medication for depression. These were the years where I had no heart for God at all and was sunk in despair most of the time.

At least for me, this depression was a sin. The sin was that I was not getting my way (i.e. anger turned inward). Oh how painful it is when we try to force God into doing it "our way." I'm happy to say that he's never acquiesced to me once despite sometimes days and weeks of whining in the prayer closet.

I'm not painting everyone with the same brush but that's what I was told by the Holy Spirit about my own heart. As I began to seek Jesus, the depression left. It was simply a sovereign act of God. I had no desire for medications and no withdrawal effects (I was taking Paxil).

In fact, the week after I began to seek Jesus my dear grandmother died but the Lord carried me and has continued to do so.

That was five years ago and the Jesus has carried through some very difficult fires during these last five years. All I can say is thank you Jesus and testify that deliverance is available. When you read the Psalms, it's clear that David at times appeared depressed but the Lord God always met him and delivered him.

When there's an accusing spirit, you can be certain that it's the devil. "You're never going to get free of this depression." Know that if this is what you're hearing, it's demonic. Jesus will never accuse us, as long as we're willing to trust and obey and walk out our repentance. Jesus is faithful to deliver His people.

Ed Pugh

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 Re: Depression

Dear Saints,

'Spiritual Depression',by the late Martyn D. Lloyd Jones, is a good read for Christians who'd like to examine this condition.

I see depression, most times, as spiritual battles. Battles which can only be won with the armour of God, laid out in Ephesians 6 in the Spirit of Christ.

These actions have helped me whenever I fall into depression :
-to self-exam and confess sins if there are any
-to acknowledge this condition and ask for intercessory prayers from others
-to reckon the fiery darts and wiles, such as accusations from the devil as reality, and pray accordingly and unceasingly.
-to remind myself of contentment despite difficult circumstances or emotions

It seems also that depression occurs more frequently as I age.

O well, just some of my thoughts, but it's surely good to read your posts over this.

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 Re: How many people here suffer from depression

Depression is sometimes referred to as the "common cold" of mental health. It is pervasive. And it is hard to detect because it can be well-masked. It is hidden under such behaviors as adultery, homosexuality, crime, illness, constant smiling, explosions of anger etc.
Signs may be: eating too much, not enough, sleeping too much, not enough, etc Usually, you see a sad melancholy face with flat expression.

There are a lot of possible predispositions. But often it's roots is anger turned inward, so you don't feel the anger anymore because you've buried it into the unconscious. (let the sun go down on it) That pattern can be something you learned early in life.

Depression is very serious - the cause of suicide. How many times has someone taken their life and even their closest associates didn't know they were suffering so intensely.

There is no easy quick fix. The more we understand depression, the more we can do something about it.

Of course, the first step, as Habukkuk expressed, is to cry out to God and ask him to help you. Ask him to reveal the cause - no matter how painful that may be. It will require being honest about whatever God reveals - ex surrendering deep rooted bitterness, forgiving,

It may take meds. I would never tell one to stop taking meds and instead just trust God. Let God lead them to that point.

.. anyway.. that's just some thoughts to add to the discussion...

You've asked a great question. It could happen to any of us.

Some years ago when I was very ill and couldn't cope, I "accidentally" came upon a book called, 'Why Christians Crack up". At the time I was sure I was going to crack up and quite ready for it. So I thought I'd read the book and get a head start. That book may very well have prevented me from sinking into depression during the difficult days ahead. It was immensely revealing and helpful! Or should I say, GOD was very helpful.



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check out the book of Jonah sometime. He has weirrrrd mood swings.

Combat Chuck

 2006/6/16 2:23Profile


Niacin one of the B vitamins brings me out of the "winter blues". Make sure it's NON Flushing or your ears will have a burning sensation. Purely natural and some depressions are related with not eating a good balance diet. Eating the wrong foods is no different than eating the wrong foods spiritually. Jesus said, "Becareful HOW you hear". Notice that junk food taste good, but have no nutritional value to our bodies. We hear thunderous preaching and we are so caught up in the thunder and the lightening that we just accept whatever that preacher is dishing out to us. Like Pidgeons in the park, they eat whatever from whoever.

I agree with the poster who said, "Depression is a selfish disorder, depression turned outwardly is called compassion".

Even though that is a word of knowledge, it must not be used as to condemn ourselves, but rather realize it for what it is and then deal with it. The reason why I say this is because, most of us who experince depression don't know that, even yours truly.

I experince depression often, and I think it's due to the changes that the LORD is doing inside me as most of you know that I was a homosexual.

The LORD has told me recently that I could have easily have INSTANTANOUSLY delivered you and I have and will continue to do so in the lives of those whom I choose to do so with. But for YOU, I have chosen to work thru you My ways, I have driven out many things, little by little. I want you to understand somethings, by wisdom I have stretched out the heavens, by understanding I have established them. Tho we shall walk together in the shadow of death you shall come forth as gold. You are my workmanship, created for good works.

But I say, but LORD I do not see any of these things, and His reply, "because your in darkness, the shadow of death sorrounds you, but have you not read how that I seperated the light from the darkness, I will do this in your life. YOU shall become a testimony and it shall be broadcasted that I am a God that changeth not and I live and rule and riegn in the hearts of men down here on earth. This generation will know that I am not dead, but very much alive and as I live you shall live also.


 2006/6/16 6:52

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