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 Re: Preaching

Scripture says clearly that women are not to have authority over a man.

Sorry, Enid, I wasn't even thinking about organized church - ie about pastoring or authority issues, just about preaching the gospel - to our neighbor - to the world.

By far most people aren't even in church. Yet they see Christians in various aspects of life. How do we minsiter (preach) to them? What do they see within us - the fire of God or the fire of hell?


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 Re: Preaching a 'PURE' message; free from the Fires of Hell...

Thank you Robert. This is confirmation. The Lord has been dealing with us on that same issues. Thank you for the word.


Patrick Ersig

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 Re: Preaching a 'PURE' message; free from the Fires of Hell...

Good post, Robert.
Thanks for sharing this.

Yesterday there was a man on T.V. who was preaching how God came down with a Rod on the backs of His Children.
I cut him off, for God chastens us in Love.
I asked my Husband what Sinner would want to come to a God like this?
I also heard another Preacher preach in a Church, and He said, Who God loves He beateth the Hell out of them.
A lot of the Ministers in Pulpits are trying to keep control of the people.
The Holy Spirit has to be in control for souls to be saved.
May we look unto Jesus, and crave the Pure Word of the Gospel.
God Bless all,

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 Re: Preaching a 'PURE' message; free from the Fires of Hell...

Good word and timely :-(


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I once heard someone say that when the Lord begins to send a revival, [i]the margin of error grows thin[/i]. I believe what they meant, was that when God shows up, He puts 'our input' to silence and speaks Himself, as who He is, GOD ALMIGHTY.

If you look at Job's counselors, it seems to me like some were trying to lead him to [i]repentance[/i]. They were leaning upon their own understanding and interpreting the situation from their own reasonings. Did you notice there was [u]no[/u] prophet that came and said, "Thus says the Lord..." Finally, after all those voices had spoken themselves 'thin', God broke His silence with a series of questions.

Prophets are not merely people who rail upon sin and iniquity. Those characteristics do not qualify a person to be a Prophet. The Pharisees would fit that description. Prophets are messengers from God coming to bring [i]His Word[/i] to the situation. [i]Generally[/i] that word is an "IF-THEN" statement. IF you will do thus and such, THEN I will do thus and such.

We look to the past and think that if we do what those people did then we will have revival also, and this has some truth to it. Some fundamental things [i]never[/i] change. Jesus gave HIS definition of repentance when He spoke of Nineveh. God SENT [u]Jonah[/u] to that city. God SENT Jonah with God's [u]message[/u].

I heard a story told by our pastor of how a person in the early part of the 20th century decided they were going to imitate Smith Wigglesworth's methods. For those who may not have heard, he once PUNCHED a person in the stomach at what he believed was the direction of the Lord. The person was healed of their stomach condition! Another person tried the same thing, but had no such 'Word from God' and the results were fatal.

As revival approaches, we need to make a separation between what is 'US' and what is 'GOD'. I tremble to get up and speak some word, waiting on the Lord to assure me that it is His message and not mine. I am more conscious of the solemn RESPONSIBILITY of speaking to His people and the lost 'rightly' than I have ever been. We will give an account to God for what we say and HOW we say it.

I think if the FEAR OF GOD is going to fall, it must fall upon the ministers FIRST. If we don't tremble at the WORD, why should the people? If we don't tremble to speak what God is saying, who will? If we don't tremble to walk into the Court of God, why should the hearers feel conviction? Would to God that repentance preachers would so tremble at the fear of God when they stepped up to speak, that their appearance alone would cause shock and wonder. Being 'serious' about God in speaking to the people is not manifest always by railing on sin, necessarily, it is a fearful self-examination as to whether or not God is well pleased. Is God saying this, or am I?

So long as ministers run like sheep to a slaughter into the pulpit, the fear of God will never come down. We need a divine [i]hesitation[/i]. We need some serious self-examination. We sometimes wonder what its going to be like to give an account to God? We have some insight from God's dealing with Job. Keep in mind that this was a man that did not Sin against God with his mouth:

Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said, [u]Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?[/u] Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me. (Job 38:1-3)

To think that those men probably thought they were bringing Job to repentance. They probably thought they had the 'remedy' for his predicament. BUT, they had DARKENED counsel with words without knowledge. Knowledge of what? Things that are past finding out apart from God revealing them. And this is the folly at looking around and making assessments and trying to 'reason' a solution in our times. God has to give the remedy. We are utterly helpless, even with a mother load of past experiences and victories.

"Don't remember the former things, and don't consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing. It springs forth now. Don't you know it? [u]I will even make a way[/u] in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.(Isaiah 43:18, 19)

If a way is to be made for salvation God must make it. These are desperate times and man's device is not [i]meet[/i] for this hour. We need to tremble before the Lord ourselves. We need a fresh revelation of the Fear of God before we can preach it, for it cannot come by the precept of men (Isaiah 29:13).

Robert Wurtz II

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 Re: Preaching a 'PURE' message; free from the Fires of Hell...

yes, let us abide in the Lord or we will continue to be like job's friends, who judges without godly discernment.

my concern with christians is they judge too much and do a little self examination of their own hearts. even if our judgement is right on a person, what about us? are we clean before God or are we again judging hypocritically. though we may not have the same sin as the one whom we judge, but are we in sin in another area? let us also examine why we judge. is it to prove we are right or are we broken, passionate for His truth, truly wanting to give God the glory? we should even tremble at judging others if we, ourself is not right with God.

so many christians have missed out on true men of God and His messages because they have judge outwardly just like job's friends. don't be deceived, we may judge right here and there at times, even people of the world can judge outwardly and get it right but if we are not crucified with Christ we will miss God all the time, daily.

when we are one with God we will judge righteosely. we will not judge outwardly, but see the motives of the heart and will be able by God's Spirit speak right into that heart, in the same way Jesus spoke right into the hearts of the pharisees.

yes, let us first, seek Him and get right with Him. let us allow God to do a thorough examination of our own hearts. if we will not allow God to break up our fallow ground and purge the sins in us then we should not even speak like we know the truth. we must come to realization that God hates hypocrites. we can read the gospels and see clearly that Jesus despise the hypocrites. those are the ones He rebuked. let us also read rom. 2:1-5. allow these verses to sober you up.

but thank God He has made away for us to live not like the pharisees! thank God He has sent us a Helper to help us overcome sin. He has given us divine power (grace) to live in godliness, never do we have to stumble in darkness if we abide in Him (2 peter 1-11)

yes, let us go and abide in Him. let us come closer to the Light that He may cleanse us from all sin that we may truly glorify Him upon the earth. to God be all the glory! none of us Lord! let it all be you!


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 Re: A word in due season

Brother, this is exacting.

Mike Balog

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i felt lead to also add this, if we, ourself is not right with God, we will judge our brothers and sisters with bitterness and self righteosness. we will judge with a critical and prideful spirit. not birth out of love and truly being concerned for their souls. such evil to judge in this way. outward judging is all about self gratification. wanting to feel good about ourself. many will go quickly to judge our brothers and sisters after they been rebuked by the Lord. instead of crying out to God to be cleanse, they instead go and fine someone weaker in the faith and shoot them down so they can feel better about themselves. this will make them feel more holier standing next to someone more sinful. may the Lord reveal to us all how evil it is to judge in the flesh, to judge hypocritically.


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Amen, Amen, Amen,Amen,Amen.

Tashinga Dekune

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