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 the answer

I am sorry it has taking a while to reply. The Cd on true repentance is from a wonderful minerstry in Kentucky Dr. Carroll Parrish the deliverance minestry called New Life Church. 30 years ago I was 16 My parents attended Dr. Parrish's church I was very rebellious and would become under conviction every time I attended. The last service was begining Dr. Parrish began Reciprocity would be the message the law of sowing and reaping. I had no idea what he said but I began to feel like I was suffacating the more he talked the worse it became I ran out on that sermon and never stopped running. After that thur out my life I attened many churches and TV church services but I was always searching I would see the ones who had a glow the true ones who had died to self but I did not know what was the answer. Well in 2002 I lost my job so I decided to make homemade gifts for everyone except my Mom she had played the same 3 cassette tapes of her favorite sermons by Dr. Parish they were so old you could barely understand them I went on a hunt for Dr. Parrish to get mom a new tape for christmas it took me days to find him I called he said he would send some he did 3 new Cd's I gave them to mom later I felt that same coviction I had not felt for years I could not get it out of mind I needed to listen to these tapes to see what was sent. I got them and the 1st one I put in was the very same sermon I ran out on 30 years before Needless to say my running was over I would love to somehow put this on SI. I can not begin to tell you how many have been touched by this sermon it is a great tool if you have someone who is hard to witness to when sent annonymus as a gift it is awesome what happens let me know how this could be done i would love to get it on here for everyone God bless Kat

Kat Feather

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