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fredericksburg, Virginia

 please pray for my brother

Please pray for my brother William. He has not yet given his life to christ yet, and is leaving for Iraq Aug 1,2006. I wont get to see him again till about a week before he goes, because they have him doing training out in CA, which also means, that he will miss my wedding.

I was watching some videos of the last time he went out to Iraq, and it is very scary. A couple of friends of his died right next to him. Please pray that the lord will draw him near to him, and that I can be a strong witness when I see him again.


Matt Kroelinger

 2006/6/6 0:06Profile

 Re: please pray for my brother

Hi boomatt,

This is a very sobering request. I will pray for William.

 2006/6/6 5:40

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 Re: I pray for your brother

Please pray that the lord will draw him near to him, and that I can be a strong witness when I see him again.

Thank you, Boomatt for sharing your burden for your brother. I pray that through his experiences, William will develop a strong trust in God, and he will clearly witness God's love and mercy before his eyes.



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 Re: please pray for my brother

Father God,
In Jesus Name, we bring William to You, and ask You to woo him unto Yourself, by the Power of the Holy Spirit.
That You will save His soul.
Give this Family Your Strength.
Thank-You for salvation.

 2006/6/6 9:24Profile

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Lord I come into agreement with this prayer and ask dear Lord that you would turn on the x-ray machine of conviction of sin in William's life. It's purely your kindness that leads us to repentance and I'm asking that you would pursue this man relentlessly.

I pray that Boomatt will be given supernaturally a very straight word for his brother that will bring conviction and the need for repentance in his life. Lord I ask that you put a wall of fire around William to protect him because surely the devil would love to destroy this man. I ask Lord Jesus that you step in and redeem this man's life through your precious blood for your name's sake as a testimony of your lovingkindness.

Lord would you do this work of regeneration and justification through the mighty power of your blood? I pray Lord that you give this man a testimony of your goodness and mercy and your might, even in the midst of these very harrowing circumstances. Prepare his heart even now Lord God for what lies ahead.

Thank you Jesus.

Ed Pugh

 2006/6/6 10:04Profile

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 Re: please pray for my brother

Hi boommatt...

I am continuing to pray.



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